30 September 2015


the fenestraria has started blooming, and if it does as it did last year, it will bloom till spring, even though i leave it outside through the winter, unless it is getting into the low teens

and guinnet and i went to the river, for the first time in months --- nice!

28 September 2015

chronic health

my annual visit with my cardiologist was uneventful, which is just the way one wishes such a visit to be --- see him again in a year

27 September 2015


robt and i checked out ponce city market for the first time --- purty impressive --- everything atlantic station wanted to be, but for the brownfield and being designed by people with a suburban mentality --- and it's what krog city market wanted to be but didn't have the enormous square footage

gardening on the thirteenth floor

the big-ass yellow cattleya was in dire need of repotting, and so pot-bound that i decided to divide it --- i now have two large cattleya, both of which have two sprouts, which i will take to indicate the repotting was successful

25 September 2015

pumping up south of five pts

an excellent little event on s. broad this evening, creative loafing's best of atl 2015 block party --- very diverse crowd racially, which is unfortunately too often not the case in atlanner --- 

24 September 2015

simple pleasure

nice evening with friends in my unit --- dog always likes that, cause that means snacks!

23 September 2015

a breath of fresh air

two great human beings --
"Today, we mark many firsts. Your Holiness, you have been celebrated as the first Pope from the Americas. This is your first visit to the United States. And, you are also the first pontiff to share an Encyclical through a Twitter account."
it really is quite rich listening to the republicans squealing about the pope being "too political" in his speaking on climate change and what not while here for the first time --- one, a roman catholic, going so far as to boycott his address to congress tomorrow ---- this after the better part of a half century of having to listen to the goddamn evangelicals trying to make their insane religious beliefs the law of the land ---

meanwhile, we watch the volkswagen scandal and the little prick "pharma-bro" in utter disbelief --- we should not, since both illustrate the logic of unfettered capitalism and the power of the vultures of finance, servants of mammon, who the pope has repeatedly called out as such --- viva el papa


dragged everything but the big table and the wall of books out of the office yesterday, painted the walls, and cleaned the carpet --- yay, me! still gotta paint the 3 doors but the p.c. and peripherals are put back together --- feels fresh up in here now

habersham mills

20 September 2015

digging up roots

for what it's worth, I just got results back from ancestry.com DNA analysis of my spittle  -- it sorta picks up where the genographic project's analysis of jcniris' spittle left off --- that one showed our ancestors out of east africa  and into the middle east, from which iris' ancestors went through the caucasus and steppes of eastern europe and jc's through the balkans and probably spain --- everybody was having family reunions in northwest europe ten or twenty thousand years ago --- i expected this new analysis to show ancestry that was mostly great britain (over half) and Ireland (nearly a quarter and it was --- the most interesting thing was the tag there that could indicate an ancestor in southwest mali --- they say it could be an anomaly (and I could be totally mis-interpreting what it's saying) but slaves and what not were traded out of west africa for thousands of years --- plus everyone alive today typically has nearly 33,000 ancestors who were born around 1500, which illustrates the futility of genealogical research and how many opportunities for one of those to have been west african ---- If you ever get to be a real pervert for genealogy, dna analysis is the way to go.

sunday morning eye candy

a nice stroll through the atl bot gdn with m.t. this morning and then brunch at midtown's finest, babs!

19 September 2015

18 September 2015

wishing the future

i was so lucky to be born white in america in the mid-twentieth century --- i recognize that fact and, at the same time, i hate the idea of white privilege --- i will be glad when we have all fukd each other enough that we're all shades of tan and "race" doesn't matter anymore

map it!

a great little piece, and not just about east pernt

the week in review

a week buried in another historic building, this one on the edge of the known world --- it's been good to have the dog at my feet, purty much non-stop --- follow-up with the eye man suggested the eye is healing normally, even if the vision is not quite all there yet ---

13 September 2015

cool air and sunshine!

low 50s over night and a deliciously cool morning at atl bot gdn --- first visit in several weeks --- during the day, the experience of storza woods is somewhat diminished by the litter of plastic lighting fixtures, wires, and equipment strewn across the forest floor for their after-dark light show

12 September 2015

all hail, krewe of the grateful gluttons

the fifth annual lantern parade, hosted by the krewe of the grateful gluttons --- one of atlanner's great annual events --- the expectation was for 20,000 along the 2½ miles of the east-side beltline between inman park and piedmont park --- i would bet that number was reached


the rockingham meeting house is a national historic landmark a mile or so northwest of bellows falls, vermont --- construction started in 1787, completed 1800 --- neglected in the late nineteenth century and then very lightly restored in 1907 --- recorded by the historic american buildings survey in 1934 --- most of the original siding and hand-wrought nails remain on the exterior and most of the interior woodwork as well, including floor boards as much as 18" to 20" wide --- one of the best-preserved eighteenth-century buildings i've ever seen ---

the vermont country store is a couple of miles down the road, and upon visiting it, i realized it was one of the progenitors of cracker barrel --- i failed to photograph the vermont country store