28 April 2012


orchids are great

it took four or five days, but it now has the most wonderful stench

26 April 2012

another old building

the holliday-dorsey-fife house, something fayette county didn't tear down

the viewshed

they can stop adding floors to that hotel now

23 April 2012

i am a pervert for flowers

this unit makes me very glad to be alive ---

22 April 2012

oak leaf hydrangea!

wishing for dogwood

there was a great crush of people in the park today and the dogwood were long gone, but the weather was spectacular and they were having dog agility trials and fun rides in the meadow

oak hill tree update

this was the most-beautifully symmetrical oak in the entire park --- not any more: a big ol' piece of it fell off in the wind this afternoon


my favorite cattleya opened today ----

20 April 2012

the viewshed

i thought one of my favorite vistas, of the waterworks and the domes and minaret of the mosque were going to be obliterated by the new hotel going up at tenth and williams, but now i'm thinking it won't kill the entire view

18 April 2012

12 April 2012


this is the only surviving object that belonged to eleanor of aquitane --- a rock crystal vase given to her by her grandfather early in the twelfth century of the era vulgaris ---  there hasn't been a cat near it in 800 years

orchidaceae update

this wonderful cattleya is getting ready to bloom again --- i thought it wouldn't happen for another month or so, but the blossoms may be opening next week --- four  this time, up from three --- and this will be the second time inside of six months that it has bloomed ---

great moments in cinema

i still enjoy the randomness of tcm, which has had a run of good ones lately:

If I had managed sons for him instead of all those little girls, I'd still be stuck with being queen of France, and we should not have known each other. Such, my angels, is the role of sex in history.

eleanor of aquitane to her sons by henry ii, the lion in winter (1968) 
and surely the greatest sets of all time and their lighting must be those for castle frankenstein in son of frankenstein (1939) --- the stair hall and breakfast room are beyond words

11 April 2012

seventh street

vacant for six years now, and another half block not in the image --- what a waste --- midtown would benefit if the armory were resurrected ---

i guess i'm a tree-hugger

city hall

i'm enjoying seeing city hall on a regular basis

08 April 2012

07 April 2012

05 April 2012

04 April 2012

big weather this evening

lotta rain, some wind, and it was gone


actually these guys are twins, siblings, with unusual interests but their name makes me think they might be thankfully-very-distantly related sewell cousins --- someone in that family was a real pervert for genealogy and documented the first million generations of the family in print --- so you can figure out who is your 6th cousin, twice removed, should you want to do that --- actually one of my best friends as well as the woman whose office was next to mine are both cousins that way, proving once again that we are all cousins one way or the other

i hope sidney and thurman here are featured in the next edition of the sewell family genealogy (link may not be safe for work)

and they're neighbors! living at spire

it is also quite possible that this whole thing will show up on snopes purty soon

03 April 2012

dr. denmark is dead

ma started taking my older brother to her when he was a kid in the 1940s and my younger brother and i followed in the 1950s --- i can still remember her kindness and the touch of her hands --- dr. leila denmark died sunday at the age of 114

time flies, don't you know

$4k old-people's deduction on the income tax this year --- gah

morning at the river

otter, heron, turtle, and dog

paces mill

d.o.t. is in the process of clear-cutting a very wide corridor on the east side of northside and cobb parkways at the river --- i knew the bridge (1938) was a goner, but i didn't realize several acres of trees were, too --- looks a little bare  

01 April 2012

recommended reading

i usually don't like "epic" in a subtitle, but this one deserves it --- an excellent writer and an excellent story teller ---

p'tree midtown

one of my favorites