21 September 2019

i've seen a million people today

another fine afternoon with atl utd, 3-1 over the san jose earthquake --- an excellent match, except for josef injuring himself somehow and getting toted out on a stretcher

and i had to check out the tenth annual beltline lantern parade, but laura mercy at the people, including herds of small children --- some sections of the trail smelled entirely like an open bar ---

i quit the parade early --- i was kinda overdosed on people, and anyway i got in more than enough steps


the biggest trees left in midtown were all planted in somebody's front yard, a hundred years ago, when it was a developing residential neighborhood --- i've loved this southern red oak across the street and was sad to see how poorly it leafed out this spring --- over the last few weeks, entire limbs have died --- rotten from high up on the trunk, i'm surprised it hasn't blown over already --- i don't expect to see it alive next spring

19 September 2019

atl bot gdn cool

finally, we're having a brief taste of fall, making a choice evening at the garden

ad astra

seems like a lot of my high school teachers are checking out, with "mister roy" and "miss thomas" being the latest --- leonard roy died about a month ago --- a wonderful man, known for being a sharp dresser --- and, i figured out later, one of a trio of committee  members on the faculty at headland  high school
barbara ann thomas died a couple of weeks ago --she was a feisty woman, with a reputation for throwing erasers at you if you got the answer wrong or whatever --- the only thing she ever threw at me was my final exam, and laughed, for having aced it --- a notoriously tough teacher but she made me love geometry, which was one of the only branches of mathematics for which i had any sense at all ---

15 September 2019

gotta keep looking

angus, 5+ yrs old, sweet dog, 44 lbs, same weight as the guinnett hound, only with a lot more leg --- i went over there once, just looking, but then decided to go back and try him out --- sheds like a sonuvabitch and got adopted once and returned cuz he bit somebody --- oh, angus

so many needy dogs, like this one, 11+ yrs old, and just wants to go home --- if i weren't totally certain that she would ruin dex's dotage, i woulda brought her home

i told robt yesterday that i might oughta move to the country and devote myself to rescuing dogs and growing beans and squash and weed and what not --- but i probly won't do that

still dogless

the assholes got trounced by columbus, 3-1 --- shoulda been 2-1, but miles scored one for the other team, dammit --- i did not know that was possible, but i think he got a little confused and thought he was at the other end of the field

09 September 2019

waiting for godot

having gotten past the splitting headaches caused by the new meds, i started obsessing on a prognosis --- full physical last week with a new doc --- the last month has been a pain in the ass, all in all --- talking to the cardiologist man today for the first time since he stuck his catheter up inside my heart was very helpful --- the problem was the left anterior descending artery, there on the front of the heart  --- it's clogged up way down at the end and not worth trying to fix if the meds work the way they're supposed to --- there might be some plaque build-up in the  major arteries, but they are in  relatively decent shape --- and he's dialing back the blood-pressure meds a little --- see him again in six

now i will need something else to worry about, but god knows we got plenty of material there

and maybe look for a dog