30 April 2016

inman park!

45th annual inman park festival and tour of homes --- i've seen a few of these, and had my house on tour way last century when i still had gaping holes in the walls, although it was restoration of gaping holes and what not that started the whole thing --- the first, biggest, and greatest of the city's neighborhood festivals --- and every time i'm over there, i see again the success of atlanta's historic district zoning in helping preserve what a few pioneers started in 1971 --- glad i was a part of it for awhile --- yay, inman park!

29 April 2016

winding down the week begins

this week has been a little frustrating, but i finally got the next chapter of the coochee project organized --- sometimes there are just too many ways to go and you just gotta pick one

dog and i hadn't been to the river in a week or two --- mountain laurel in bloom made it special --- however, busting another temperature record wasn't the kind of special we want

27 April 2016

rebuilding midtown

i almost never use starbucks, but i'm very glad this corner is coming back to life --- it's not the krystal starbucks anymore, but an interesting design and nice little entrance terrace that ought to be a homeless magnet

26 April 2016

a thousand miles behind

this morning, i had a screaming, fuk-you, go-to-hell, get-out-of-my-house, door-slamming discussion with my first (!) ex re. financial entanglements that i wish i didn't have

You’re right from your side
 I’m right from mine
 We’re both just one too many mornings
 An’ a thousand miles behind

24 April 2016

yellow river

an excellent interlude at the yellow river with cousin boo seafus --- dog is the perfect traveling companion, except he doesn't talk, although often that is a major plus --- anyway having a humanoid along today was a nice change

and i don't think i've ever seen a chinaberry tree bloom --- messy fruit and leaves, yes, but not the blooming part

the oncidium alliance rules!

a new ally ---

23 April 2016

doll's head and bricks

constitution lakes, ITP

some days it's hard to get up in the morning . . .

if it were freezing-ass cold, it would be impossible

but it's not, so i made them get up, too and also

19 April 2016

catching up

two days maintaining rental property --- not all day, but enough to screw up the rest of the day --- i worked hard to simplify my own housing requirements, only to have circumstances keep me entangled in others  
but i got to spend quality time this afternoon with someone i've known since grammar school, for the first time in a very long time

17 April 2016

streets alive!

the first streets-alive event of 2016 was excellent --- we rode out to west lake station then managed to get through one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly intersections in the city (i-20, mlk jr dr, and abernathy blvd) and then six miles down abernathy, through west end and mechanicsville to georgia ave, summerhill and grant park, then back via king memorial station --- absolutely perfect weather for the excursion

a part of town i've driven countless times, but a much better view on foot

thanks for the company cousins robert and susan
i gave the fitbit a good workout today --- i'm working myself up to some real long-distance walking

16 April 2016

a placid saturday

everybody was all wore out from over stimulation on saturday night, during which we confirmed that dex and small children are not compatible --- otherwise it was a fine, unphotographed evening with my brother and his spawn --- first time to see them all together in two or three years

15 April 2016

special event

cleaning house, getting ready for a [mostly republican] family visit to the thirteenth floor this evening --- greek food from cafe agora, cake from sweet nut, and wine from somewheres --- oh, and i washed the dog yesterday

13 April 2016

civic duties

five hours of audc meeting tonight --- this can't go on ---