14 August 2020


projects evolve along with one's research and what not, doncha know — and so my interest in "peachtree road," as in what is it? and where is it? the answers are not obvious, but i think i am now an authoritah on the subject — i am compiling a small booklet that is sure to be wildly popular and worth a great deal of money

the road was originally built in 1814 by the war department, and i found there is enough documentation to still trace its entire 40-mile route from hog mountain in northern gwinnett county to bolton in northwest atlanta — which is what kenny and i started doing today

i think we found the best preserved section today, running for about a mile southwest of duluth — the airline railroad was built a few yards away in 1870, but they were using the road and mostly worked around it --- the old road was bypassed by buford highway in the 1930s but later paved, badly, in the mid-twentieth century, before being entirely abandoned in the last quarter of the twentieth century.