20 April 2018

rebuilding midtown

for the first time in three or four years, the williams street sidewalk is cleaned up and accessible south of tenth --- 

and the transformation of eighth street, which is still underway, is nothing short of amazing --- this is the view east from williams street

it shouldn't be long until the western end of peacthree place has been rebuilt as well

17 April 2018


made all the reservations last night --- end of may, off to sacramento/davis, mendocino, eureka, redwoods, crater lake, mt shasta, lassen ............ 

13 April 2018

we spent the day cleaning house

the cement floors were a mess, although the entire area wasn't as nasty as this --- we all feel much better about ourselves this evening with clean floors

11 April 2018

random wednesday

the locust is in full, fragrant flower right now
and the zygopetalum has opened another round of blossoms today

10 April 2018

afternoon excursion to arabia

arabia mountain is purty great any time of years, except maybe july and august, but it's especially nice in the spring, when all the moss and lichen are lush and the diamorpha is creating pools of red across the mountain

it'a one of the few places i feel ok about letting dog off his string, since he mostly tags along anyway, and i can see if any trouble is near --- he would walk up stone mountain with me if they would let him --- 

09 April 2018

spring break

while i await coochee comments (they might be getting ready for publication) i've been tossing around for a spring excursion, and may have settled on redwoods and volcanoes --- old friends in Davis CA, Talent OR, and Eugene Or, with Redwood, Crater Lake, and Lassen Volcanic National Parks in between --- it will be a whole lot of driving, but broken up over five or six days maybe not so bad --- and it'll be good to see those people

plus i'm planning to spend a night in Weed CA

time passes

the radio-controlled john memorial clock finally reset itself today to daylight savings time, or what i like to call "false time" --- it took a month to make the change this time --- one year it changed within a day or so, but most times it takes weeks

08 April 2018

streets alive dekalb ave!

a three-mile stroll out dekalb ave with adh and rdp was a fine way to spend a very cool sunday afternoon

07 April 2018

a keeper

y yo también

06 April 2018


i spent the day doing taxes, and cursed john for dying before april 15 --- 😭 --- for the first time in forty years, he wasn't around to bless my returns --- in 1983 he even coded a little program for my commodore to keep up with my business expenses and what not --- this year's exercise was complicated by sale of the main st house, and it took me a while to identify the "basis," "depreciation," and all -- at one point turbotax had my tax bill at over 40k, but i coaxed it down to 12, so i feel ok about it now --- i think i had duplicated some entries --- it's the last of the rentman activities, so, yay!

rebuilding midtown

peachtree and seventh --- i like how it's changing that intersection

piedmont and seventh, one of my favorite midtown residences and one of our better buildings of late going up
 the alley east of juniper between fourth and fifth
just damn --- the entire block between fourth and fifth on the east side of juniper is now a giant hole --- more luxury living coming our way! huzzah! hooray!

31 March 2018

28 March 2018

violets, dog, and the river

excellent weather for a change --- upper 70s feels good

dog won't go when he gets tired

sights and smells

the maxillaria only had one or two blossoms last year --- this year, there's half a dozen or so, which is still not as many as in some years past --- but the bedroom smells like a coconut cake anyway
a great plant even when it's not blooming
cousin mae gave me this unit at xmas 2016 --- first rebloom --- the blossoms aren't as large maybe, but i'm not complaining ---

27 March 2018

reinforcements for the oncidium alliance

i don't have room for the endless variety that i would like to have, but i kill enough that there is sometimes an empty spot, which i couldn't resist filling with this unit --- the blossoms are 4" across

26 March 2018

spring color

a wonderful first flush of spring going on ---

pokémon fools don't care about no flowers