29 November 2023


today marks the eleventh anniversay of iris's death, in her own bed in the wee hours of the morning --- and tomorrow is dead john's birthday --- so here we are

14 November 2023

Dame Judi Dench Masterfully Does A Shakespeare Sonnet | The Graham Nort...

it's been a minute

i have so neglected this stupid blog --- not that there is anything wrong with that --- i type and post pictures when i feel like it, and when i got something i need to bitch about in semi-public i guess --- but i got nothing really to bitch about beyond the tired old few: trump and blood-relations and friends who continue to support republican politics --- for me, that is a deal-breaker for any relationship ---- otherwise, life is really fine --- nightly visits from the juggler for snuggling and what not --- he is a total fool but at least very smart and semi-sane, and just about the kindest man i've ever met --- and i love him a lot --- 

UGA press's publication next fall of the coochee history remains on track, and i have wound up the columbus woodruffs' family history project to their satisfaction, and mine --- i might rework it into something publishable, should i get in the mood to do that, but for now it's their's  with a fork in it --- 

meantime, i continue to watch the toulouse requiem, as i call it, most evenings

and the animals continue to aggravate me

28 August 2023


all of the cats and dogs in my house have always gotten along --- at some level, body heat is body heat

from sinclair with kitty bob

to hershey sinclair dueteron with frieda

to guinness and dex

to kenny and dex

06 August 2023

dog days of summer

great storm rolled through while ago --- 40 mph winds maybe and a lotta rain

Dog days bright and clear / Indicate a good year; / But when accompanied by rain, / We hope for better times in vain

coochee is resting or gestating or whatever, quietly --- but i'm deep in the weeds with the woodruff project

the juggler continues to keep me up late, almost every night, and almost always keeping it festive --- which i like lots better than bailing you-know-who out of foreclosure, for the umpteenth time --- some things fester to a head, and i think my relationship with him is near that point


08 July 2023


this made a lot of people happy during the covid lockdowns --- still does


07 July 2023

coochee redux

i have not appreciated the value of a literary agent until this coochee project — that was sorta built into NPS projects  i don't know what they paid her, but I don't think I could've/would've plowed through all the forms and permissions and what not that she has, which are just about done — left to my devices, it would have wound up in three-ring binders from kinkos  the narrative has survived relatively unscathed, i'm glad to say, but the fact that it is going to see print at all is to her and SNCA's credit entirely — 

21 June 2023



the coochee history is mostly done but still a lot of permissions-to-publish for images and what not my "Woodruff Chronicle," tracing their lives from Connecticut to Columbus is now back on the table, and going strong  james waldo woodruff (1879–1963) is the star in the last part

i'm supposed to be retired so all this writing and responding to people and what not is driving me a little crazy 

01 June 2023


from UGA Press:

Great to chat with you earlier today. As promised, I'm writing to let you know that our Faculty Editorial Board unanimously (and enthusiastically) approved your manuscript, "A History of Sautee Nacoochee," for publication earlier this afternoon. Congratulations!

That means that we'll be ready to transmit the project to our managing editor to get the copyediting process started as soon as you submit the finalized manuscript and art program. I am expecting to receive the final MS and art program by 15 June 2023. If anything changes, please just let me know as soon as you know! As things sit, your book is slated to publish in our Fall 2024 season (think October-ish). If that presents a problem of any sort, just let me know.

28 May 2023


13 May 2023

coochee update

i revised the manuscript based on the reviewers comments, which were not many, and it passed the first editorial review on 11 may, with a second coming on 21 may — so far so good — it might be under contract in early june — and then copyediting, design, etc.  — wheeeeeee!

05 April 2023

a history of sautee nacoochee

in early 2014, with me just a few months into  retirement, this project landed in my lap, courtesy of an old friend with whom i had worked in the 1990s — in july of that year, the local communnity association contracted with me for a comprehensive history of the valleys, part of a master plan in support of their mission to preserve the rural character of the area — it was the kind of local history i have always wanted to write: literally from the ground up — i started to work almost immediately and, because of "staff changes" and what not, wound up with a more or less free reign with the project — i submitted a "final" manuscript early in 2017, and thought I was done — but last year, they were back, getting serious about publication — they had hired someone to manage the process (thank the sweet baby jesus) — yesterday i learned that the reviewers for UGA press had recommended that that be made so — gah — count me semi-stunned

update!!! letter from the press's acquisitions editor and copies of the reviewer's comments, which were great! one said it was "the best submission I have read for UGA Press" --- it will go before the press's faculty editorial board in may for formal acceptance!

01 April 2023

"help! i've fallen and i can't get up!"

i am swearing off making fun of old people falling over --- the last couple of episodes i've had made the point

last weekend, getting up at 3 in the morning to go pee, i fell over and banged the heck out of my head (one of dozens of such tough head-banging episodes that i have had, beginning when i was five or six), took most of monday in the ER (CT scan, etc) to find out that I didn't have a stroke, TIA, or whatever, or broken bones --- but my lower back was slightly sore, which i didn't realize had even struck anything --- monday to the doctor to see if there's kidney damage

he'll have something else to look at now --- thursday evening i started through the little gate that keeps dog off the bedroom carpet when it came out of its frame and fell over with me on top of it --- what a mess --- juggler watched it happen ---  

meanwhile the 20+ year-old replacement lens that fixed the cataract in my right eye has failed --- already had a "follow-up" appt with the ophthamologist person scheduled for friday afternoon, but i rescheduled for a couple weeks out --- whenever, they need to go ahead and give me a new lens

also too, i could use a new cardio-vascular system, kidney, and liver at least 

by and large, i'm not enjoying old age

11 March 2023

olden times

an old friend who i first met living with dead john on piedmont road, ca. 1978, dropped by this evening, which he does once or twice a year --- he's brooklyn puerto rican, his other half is the upper piedmont of semi-redneck north carolina --- a wonderful impromtu meeting