31 May 2007

scary stuff

holy crap---he really is crazy---

friends of [bush] from texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed,
thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "i am the president!" he also made it clear he was setting iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country's destiny."

justice for all

the governor of new hampshire ("live free or die") signed the state's civil unions statute into law today----sensible new england---california would have one, but arnie keeps vetoing civil union bills passed by the legislature---i don't know why maria keeps letting him do that---

"let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." ---amos 5:24

another benefit of tax cuts for the rich

so while everybody is freaking out over some super-tuberculosis, the cdc is scrambling to deal with any crisis---why? because bush has consistently cut funding to the cdc, like everything else in federal govt except for the army and enforcement of the police state here at home.

– 2002: Proposed a $174 million cut.
– 2003: Proposed a
$1 billion cut, with no new funding for preventive health divisions working on TB.
– 2004: Proposed an increase of “
less than 1 per cent.”
– 2005: Proposed a
$263 million cut, while simultaneously proposing a $270 million increase in abstinence education.
– 2006: Proposed a
$500 million cut which would have slashed grants to state and local health departments like the Fulton County Health and Wellness Department involved in this week’s TB-scare.
-2007: Proposed a $
179 million cut, in addition to unspecified plans for more CDC “savings.” –
2008: Proposed a
$37 million cut, including “massive funding cuts in proven health protection programs

but hundreds of millions for useless abstinence-only sex education programs---and few million for aids in africa while refusing to fund condom distribution----

30 May 2007


good eats

for the next couple of weeks, if you are not eating strawberries every day, you should be---actual real strawberries, not those pale woody things you get out of season----these are from florida, the peaches are from georgia and are great----the late freeze trashed 60% of the crop but what's left, everyone agrees, are mighty tasty----

Franciscan monks introduced peaches to St. Simons and Cumberland islands along Georgia's coast in 1571. By the mid-1700s peaches and plums were cultivated by the Cherokee Indians. Before the Civil War increasing numbers of home orchards also were planted. Raphael Moses, a planter and Confederate officer from Columbus, was among the first to market peaches within Georgia in 1851 and is credited with being the first to ship and sell peaches successfully outside of the South. His method of shipping peaches in champagne baskets, rather than in pulverized charcoal, helped to preserve the flavor of the fruit and contributed to his success. Considerable expansion of peach acreage occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, resulting in an all-time high production of almost 8 million bushels by 1928. Since then production has decreased to about 2.6 million bushels annually.

e-coli conservatives

bush is fighting a ruling that would allow testing for mad cow disease---it kinda leaves one speechless---


we oughta drink more guinness---via andrew sullivan

oh, really?

DeLay says that when, in the coming years, he is not fighting the
indictment in Texas (he insists that he is not guilty) he will be building a
conservative grass-roots equivalent of MoveOn.org. “God has spoken to me,” he said. “I listen to God, and what I’ve heard is that I’m supposed to devote myself to rebuilding the conservative base of the Republican Party, and I think we shouldn’t be underestimated.”

these people just boggle the mind some time---

29 May 2007

god's servants here on earth

jan and paul are quite a pair and although i resisted at first, i think that she is definitely a worthy succesor to our old tammy faye---granted, they are charlatons of the highest order, but you just gotta like them better than westboro baptist's pastor fred, who is one truly frightening child of god and can be accessed via godhatesamerica.com or godhatesfags.com, seriously---

27 May 2007

the natural world

you have to see this amateur video of a fight between a herd of cape buffalo, a pride of lions, and two crocodile----it's violent, but amazingly nothing dies----i'm pretty sure that you have never seen anything like it---

memorial day redux

What can one say? Well: we can say this at least. The president is right that al Qaeda remains a terible threat to Americans. He is right to insist on this. But one core reason he is ight is because he has been in the White House for the last six years. Al Qaeda surely never had a more helpful man in such a powerful place. After over six years of this presidency, bin Laden is still at large. Five and a half years after Bin Laden's religious tools murdered 3,000 innocents, this president still cannot find or capture or kill him.Five and a half years after that dreadful day, al Qaeda's reach in the Middle East is more extensive than ever, centered in Iraq, where it was barely existet before the war. Over four years after invading Iraq, the security situation there is as grave as it has ever been. Tens of thousands of innocents have ben added to the three thousand murdered on 9/11 - many of them unspeakably tortured and murdered by death squads or Islamist cells empowered by Bush's jaw-dropping negligence. Over three thousand young Americans have died in order to give al Qaed this victory and this new platform.


that million-dollar view

from robert's balcony, the morning sun creates a comet's tail off one of the new buildings in buckhead---he took this this morning---

memorial day

a while back, i scanned iris' scrapbook of stuff about gary, but i had never really gotten into looking at it all, since it was always too depressing --- well, all the killing in iraq (1,000 americans since last memorial day) has been on my mind, especially knowing what we went through, and when a friend of mine brought up the subject in some e-mail the other day, it got me to looking and rummaging through iris’ stuff and the internets to find out exactly where it happened and something of the context, which i had never done before --- even found some pictures of the area that were taken the month after he died --- he was in the 25th infantry division based at cu chi, which is about 40 miles northwest of saigon --- it was known as the southern terminus of the ho chi minh trail and sat atop miles and miles of tunnels that the viet cong guerillas began building in the 1940s as they were fighting the french --- the cu chi tunnels are now a tourist attraction in what remains communist vietnam --- during the tet offensive in late winter 1968, the viet cong used the tunnels as their headquarters --- gary's division was part of the defense of saigon which, along with the old imperial capital at hue and the big marine base at khe sahn, was a focus of the fighting---the tet offensive, as it is known, was named after the vietnamese lunar new year, tết nguyên Đán or feast of the first morning, 30-31 january 1968, which is when the vietcong and north vietnamese army launched surprise attacks against some 100 towns across south vietnam---there was a front page story in the atlanta journal/constitution on 10 february (he was killed on 9 February), and it had this to say:

elements of the US 25th Infantry Division clashed in three battles in saigon’s suburbs with bands of communist guerrillas and reported killing more than 300, the american command said. US casualties were put at seven dead and 45 wounded. The US brought 4,000 GIs into the saigon battle.
one of the biggest battles took place at the small village of hoc mon, on saigon’s [northwest] perimeter, where three companies of the 25th infantry reported killing 176 communists in a day-long battle that ended at dusk friday. the americans lost four killed and 15 wounded at hoc mon.
two companies of the 25th hit a communist force just east of hoc mon and killed 102 in a four hour fight. three americans were killed and 30 wounded in that battle.

i think gary was probably one of the three killed in that last one east of hoc mon, but I’m not sure --- the official citations and all say it happened at lan trung, in the vicinity of hoc mon, but I haven’t been able to locate such a place on any map ---

the communists took huge losses, ten to every one american, some said --- one source says 1,500 american, australian and korean dead, 2,800 south vietnamese, and 45,000 viet cong and north vietnamese --- plus 14,000 civilian dead, 630,000 homeless --- by the time the tet offensive was winding down in april 1968, the viet cong as an army had been destroyed --- it didn't matter: a harris poll was showing 60% of the country believing it to have been a major defeat, in spite of secretary of defense robert mcnamara and the rest of the administration touting the massive communist losses as evidence of a great strategic victory --- you still find a lot of stuff about how we would have prevailed in vietnam if we had just had had the will and if it weren't for the press sensationalizing the war with eye-witness reporting on the teevee and if there hadn't been all those traitorous war protesters (most of whom had never heard of dien bien phu) there is still some real bitterness out there, but when walter conkite went to vietnam and appeared on the teevee to report on 27 february 1968 that it "seems now more certain than ever that the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in stalemate," it was all over --- some still blame him for "losing" vietnam but president johnson knew he had lost public opinion and, on march 31, announced he wouldn't run for re-election --- peace negotiations began in paris later that year --- it was a major turning point, although the war would drag on until 1975, with another 20,000 american deaths along the way --- my parents still despise johnson ---

posthumously gary was awarded a purple heart; the distinguished service cross, the army's second highest decoration; as well as a second bronze star, the army's fourth highest decoration ---

26 May 2007


as of yesterday, for the first time in human history, more people were living in urban areas than were living in rural areas---

In the United States, the tipping point from a majority rural to a majority urban population came early in the late 1910s, the researchers say. Today, 21 percent of our country is rural although some states – Maine, Mississippi, Vermont, and West Virginia – are still majority rural. In North Carolina, a rural majority held until the late 1980s.

19 May 2007

speaking the truth, as always

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history," Carter told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper's Saturday editions. "The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing
to me."

jimmy is a great american---

18 May 2007

breezy dog

the dog sez it's a beautiful afternoon on the balcony

they're all crazy

they really are---religious fanatics everywhere---christianity, islam, hindu, it doesn't matter, they're gonna be the end of us if we let them--"can't we all just get along"? well, no, probably not until we fix whatever it is that's causing people to get all crazy religious like that---

What has been happening in India is a serious threat to the future of democracy in the world. The fact that it has yet to make it onto the radar screen of most Americans is evidence of the way in which terrorism and the war on Iraq have distracted us from events and issues of fundamental significance. If we really want to understand the impact of religious nationalism on democratic values, India currently provides a deeply troubling example, and one without which any understanding of the more general phenomenon is dangerously incomplete. It also provides an example of how democracy can survive the assault of religious extremism.

excellent points in the article include this one:

The real "clash of civilizations" is not between "Islam" and "the West," but instead within virtually all modern nations — between people who are prepared to live on terms of equal respect with others who are different, and those who seek the protection of homogeneity and the domination of a single "pure" religious and ethnic tradition. At a deeper level, as Gandhi claimed, it is a clash within the individual self, between the urge to dominate and defile the other and a willingness to live respectfully on terms of compassion and equality, with all the vulnerability that such a life entails.

go figure

fred phelps picketing falwell's funeral?----too wierd

"There are dead soldiers everywhere," Phelps-Roper said. "You don't have a very high-profile, cowardly, lying false prophet like Falwell dying every day."

Phelps-Roper said the group plans to demonstrate at Falwell's service because members believe he was never harsh enough in his declarations that homosexuality was the source of America's problems.

"That coward is afraid. He is ashamed of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ," Phelps-Roper said. "He claimed he had the Word of God and then he hid it."

13 May 2007

different places

transylvania would be different, i think, especially after reading this article

11 May 2007

it's raining

the cathi-memorial herb pail

garlic chives, basil, and italian parsley all came up

08 May 2007

06 May 2007

03 May 2007


don't you just love the queen's hats? where does she get them? is there a queen's hat maker? the pic was taken today at jamestown, virginia, where she is visiting to help celebrate the 400 anniversary of the first english colony in america---she shoulda been included in crowns, but that was all about black women and the hats they buy or make (a lot of the latter)---every other specie it's the male that shows off, in ours, except for gay homosexuals, it's the female---poor phillip, standing off in the background somewhere with his hands behind his back