30 December 2006

so much for peace and good will

so they hanged saddam last night and good riddance i guess----but there's something so totally barbaric about executing somebody like that, nevermind what he did to the kurds or anybody else---but it's just like the rest of this "war," where we have allowed bush and the rest of his wretched cohorts to drag us down to their level---meanwhile we are far along with the ruination of our planet, the latest signs being the collapsing polar ice caps and even the bush administration admitting that the polar bear is an endangered specie---

a while ago

so i picked up j.c. and iris at 11 this morning, i drove them to my place, stopping at the chik fil a on the way to get chik fil a for our lunch----got them up to the 13th floor, where we ate and fed the dog----then i drove them around atlantic station and buckhead and lenox then back down through west end to see where his daddy had a produce business which wasnt there anymore and down lee st. and out campbellton rd to show them wells drive and then back through east point and college park and eventually back to their house where i took the plastic christmas tree to the basement and hemmed and hawed, said goodbye and got back home about 4----that is a total of 7 hours, i think, that i have been with them in the last five days----a record

the future

kuala lumpur, boxing day, 2006---from andrew sullivan---i am impressed

27 December 2006


i finally got to see andrew yesterday---purty worthless, like most babies, but will probably amount to something one day---looks like a tadpole version of daniel, which i guess he is---iris likes him---

21 December 2006

christmas trees

a friend sent me this image of the "great tree" on rich's "crystal bridge," c. 1960---looks real christmasy, don't it---

17 December 2006


in today's ajc: sam-i-am, a golden retriever that got lost during one of the Tampa hurricanes in 2004, showed up in illinois the other day, none the worse for wear and tear---he'd been microchipped, so his owners got him back---"When they were reunited, Sam stepped on her feet and then sat on them, just like always, and still answered to Sam."

meanwhile, hershey enjoys wallowing around in bed till 10 o'clock in the morning


iris has been talking about getting her slides from the 1950s digitized, so i have started on that myself, since wolf charges like $1.25 per slide and she's got hundreds and hundreds---some are pretty good, others not so much---

11 December 2006

little known fact

some people believe that squirrels look both ways before they cross the street, but a recent study showed that, if they did, they weren't looking for cars----fully 80% of radio-tagged squirrels in an urban area were flattened by cars and trucks.

06 December 2006

not just another baby

holy shit---mary cheney is pregnant! the christianists' heads are currently exploding---

05 December 2006

euphorbic holiday tree

as it has for years, the euphorbia turicalli makes a great christmas tree, although it's probly un-amurican to use anything but a douglas fir or scotch pine or, if desperate, a crappy old cedar----

jon's orchid is blooming, too, which is pretty nice---