09 April 2006

view from the spire

midtown tour of homes included some units at the spire--- saw it twice---once with robt yesterday and then again with kevin today---still don't like it, but the view of midtown is pretty good---

03 April 2006

brown peeps

The General's solution to illegal immigration:

The more traitorous among us might suggest that there is a third way. They'd say reward those who've toiled here so long by giving them citizenship, and then pass a law leveling harsh penalties against those who hire undocumented aliens in the future. Of course, this third way does nothing to either calm our fear of brown people or provide our owners with cheap, exploitable labor, so such a solution won't be discussed in the media or the halls of government.

That would do it.

02 April 2006


world's 15 greatest skylines ---

these people put atlanner at #29, using some sort of algorithmic formula ---- there's a lotta good views of midtown from the southern end of the park but you have to get up in the botanical gardens to see downtown----the view from the west on i-20 coming down the hill from thornton road is one of the best, downtown to lenox---lakewood freeway and 75/85 or from the jackson street bridge over freedom parkway give a good shot of downtown and midtown----and there are always selected views of midtown from the balcony at 1308

01 April 2006


somebody needs to talk to these people----having one's nuts cut off just does not seem like the happening thing to do---