30 June 2019

stonewall at 50

"first annual" stonewall march in the atl --- no corporate sponsors, like pride marches when they still had meaning --- 

i liked the thought and the flag, but i was very sorry about the subject-verb disagreement there

29 June 2019


 i think i am officially a fan --- third game, atl beat montreal 2-1 --- got three matches lined up for july ---

nueva york redux

26 June 2019

going going .......

the old flower district on w 28th st is not long for this world --- old buildings torn down for new hotels and what not, rents and congestion driving them out --- 

hidey ho

i would hate to be on the high line on a sunny saturday afternoon, but thursday morning worked out good --- i was very impressed with how well the trees and perennials and what not had filled out the spaces

but i'm still wondering about the occupant of one of the lower floors of the building on the right who has screened its balcony with clipped plastic shrubberies

25 June 2019

ny bot gdn

i spent a day sclepping out to the ny botanical garden in the nether reaches of the bronx --- nice overcast day --- an outstanding experience

the bronx river was a surprise, along with the fact that the water quality has been so improved that beaver have built dams for the first time in 200 years!