30 March 2012

new eats

lime fresh, which is semi-mexican, in a miami, chain-food sort of way i guess, is open and busy === i will withhold judgment but being next door automatically adds 10 points --- talked to the greek guy that's trying to expand cafe agora with a place on peachtree place --- he's fired contractors twice and is now doing the finishing touches himself --- that will mean falafels in the neighborhood
campagnolo, "rustic" eye-talian i think,  on piedmont behind 5 napkins is on the verge of opening --- looks good, especially remembering the awful tent that stood where the terrace is now

10th and Piedmont

outwrite went off and left all their apples in the window

27 March 2012

maxillaria tenuifolia

for a couple of months, one end of my place will smell like coconuts because of this little unit

26 March 2012

the great katherine kuhlman

a vid of jonathon edwards delivering his sermon "sinners in the hands of an angry god" in 1741 would be awesome but this is purty great

25 March 2012

garden update

the girls are blooming nicely --- and the cattleya that smells so great is putting out a stalk for blossoms in the early summer --- i love the little clear viscous droplets that form at the tip and all along the stalk

24 March 2012

flowering spring

trumpet vine, thrift, crabapple, indica and japonica azaleas are all at their peak right now

and squirrel is taunting dog


i've always liked the building since it was built in 1987 --- the green glass and pink granite brought some color to the skyline --- when the gingko trees that were planted on all sides of the block turned in the fall, it was spectacular --- no more --- last year they cut down most of the gingko and started tearing off the top --- now they're replacing (or covering) the green glass --- the new owners couldn't live until they updated the building, turning it into just another forgettable office building --- as i have observed before, you can't have nothing nice anymore --- gah

spring green

all day long

saturday morning in the country

 a lovely morning at nowhere

21 March 2012

justice in mississippi

"let's go fuck with some niggers" --- now he's about to start serving two life-terms for murder --- will this shit never end? but if nothing else, at least they're convicting a white man for killing a black man, something unheard of in mississippi and all across the south until very late in the twentieth century --- the judge spoke for many, i'm sure when he said:
Your prejudice has brought shame upon you and placed a great stain on the state of Mississippi. ... There is no excuse you can offer to the family of Mr. Anderson, or to your fellow Mississippians who have to try to reconcile the horrible damage you have caused. All the hard work we have done to move our state forward from that earthen dam in Neshoba County to here has been stained by you. A stain which will take years to fade. ... To those assembled here and watching this, know that this craven act isn't who we are.
just so very sad --- oh, and the family of the victim doesn't want a death penalty

20 March 2012

hyde farm

an afternoon spent contemplating what to do with degraded materials

18 March 2012

abg does color

another spectacular day

there is no evidence to support the idea that an abnormally hot period such as the present presages a long, hot summer

17 March 2012

walking the dog

three miles in the park and on the beltline left stumpy all tuckered out