27 February 2013

vocabulary building

a rapid decline or deterioration (as in strength, position, or condition); French, from d├ęgringoler to tumble down, from Middle French desgringueler, from des- de- + gringueler to tumble

26 February 2013


a navy escort, and taps at the end --- j.c. would've liked it --- including watching his g-granddaughter obsessing on the flowers --- she and her mama put flowers in the casket, too   --- the only discord came this morning when we realized that the funeral home and/or the atl constitution had dropped the ball and the obituary won't appear until tomorrow, after it's all over!

25 February 2013

24 February 2013

chug chug

cemetery arrangements by mike (it costs a lot to have dates added to a bronze plaque), while i clean out the refrigerator, sort through the kitchen cabinets, and shuffle papers and photographs ---

but i found a picture of chug chug in the summer of 1953, the first dog i remember

23 February 2013

melancholia on the 13th floor

j. c. jones, jr.(1922-2013)

fall 1923
with brother bill, 1926
on oglethorpe avenue, college park, c. 1927

with ma and siblings, oglethorpe avenue, c. 1930

j.c. and iris, wedding, thankgiving day , 1941

j.c. and gary, 1943, athens avenue, atlanta

 j.c. and gary, athens avenue, 1 october 1943


17 February 2013

selling midtown

i think i hate all the damn promotional banners

15 February 2013

my kinda day

a morning looking at old maps and what not at the georgia archives --- notes and writing in the afternoon
and shrimp and grits with the 106 club at cardamon hill this evening

14 February 2013

early start to a long weekend

 new banners for midtown ---

and pink water downtown for valentines day

10 February 2013

crassula ovata

the crassula, which my grandma called "jade plant," has been blooming since december and is only just now started to fade

orchid daze

atl bot gdn's annual "orchid daze" opened yesterday --- they always feel like they need to have a "theme," and this year they jumped the shark with "orchid daze: surreal beauty," purported to include "surprising juxtapositions of fanciful flowers and playful objects inspired by surrealist imagination." --- a tree of women's high heels with orchids in them? upside down buckets of orchids --- it did not work --- and orchids don't need much help to display well

yeah, i know they're not orchids, but they were there

09 February 2013

later winter blooming

the edgeworthia and the daphne were the best ---
and they've repaired chris sibley's fountain! it was the first water feature as the garden was getting underway thirty years ago, and the large faces had been stolen or fallen off --- so nice --- r.i.p., chris