20 October 2020

dog water

one of dog's many endearing qualities is his insatiable need for water — a quart and a half and more per day, which is a lot for a 40-pound dog — he's been that way from the beginning, but the vet checked him out and thinks it's just a habit — all that water has to be processed and eliminated and he's gotten purty good at holding it — for nearly five hours before this video was shot the other night

19 October 2020

the liberry

dog has been a big help in the catalogization of my liberry, a project which i began a hundred years ago or so in september or something — 1,558 titles, of which around 200 are e-books and pamphlets — all of it now part of a database (readerware) that will sort them all sorts of ways  — i started the exercise when i asked a a neighbor about my homeowner's insurance coverage  —  he made me realize that should the place be destroyed, the liberry would be a huge part of the loss — $40k replacement value, at least  —  anyway it was semi-put-together when i moved in here fifteen years ago, but had become increasingly out of whack, what with additions and subtractions and what not  — i discarded some things that i knew i would never read again, and that freed up significant lineal footage of shelving , and now have everything arranged in a dozen or so categories over eight shelving units —  behind dog here, e.g., are biographies and urban histories in the shelving unit to the left, and an assortment of books on cooking, food, and drink; landscapes, gardens, and horticulture; and a this and that on architecture to the right ---  

06 October 2020

scarecrows in the garden, redux 2020

i usually don't much care for the stupid scarecrows in the garden, but the covids seem to have made the whole thing much more interesting


the beagle

yesterday was the first anniversary of the arrival of the used beagle --- i came very close to sending him back to the country from whence he came a time or two in the beginning, but we both toughed it out and he's done his part, more or less, to adjust to condo living, although he still might rather be running swamp rabbits or something --- a sweet vocal little hound who has contributed immeasurably to my ability to survive in covid-ridden trumpistan ---


03 October 2020

city woods

dog and i checked out old willis mill road today, now closed to motor traffic and used as a multi-use trail, another part of the wonderful web of trails being opened all around the city --- it runs through lionel hampton park, which adjoins westview cemetery --- crosses n. utoy creek and is a spectacular piece of woodland that somehow avoided suburban development long enough to be preserved