31 January 2015

a new entry from the oncidium alliance

not really new, but it hasn't bloomed in several months

30 January 2015

so much for preservation

this was one of a handful of 19th century, shingle-style houses ever built in the city, contemporaneous with the inman park trolley barn (1889) --- but the philistines and bean-counters got to it and the only original material that will be left will be the framing --- most of the original windows and all of the shingle siding were intact and in very much restorable condition --- they used a chain saw to cut out sections of the walls ---

i'm really sick over this one --- i'll have to avoid piedmont ave for awhile

29 January 2015

still wishing for spring

annual physical this morning --- an afternoon with maps at ga archives and late-winter flowers for the dog walk made up for the morning

27 January 2015

five apartment towers under construction in my viewshed --- this is the one at peachtree place and w. peachtree --- and they just announced another one across peachtree walk from the federal reserve

26 January 2015

25 January 2015

wishing for spring

too early, i know, but some of the trees are budding and i saw buds on early jonquils in the park --- they'll be open next week fer sure ---

24 January 2015

the east side

dumass nearly burnt down the house by leaving the cutting board on the stove --- fortunately it didn't set off the fire alarm, although on second thought maybe that wasn't a good thing except in the immediate circumstances 

then felt a real urge to walk this afternoon so i left dog at home and went over and checked out krog street market --- purty cool for what was a wasted building --- but, omg, it was overrun with hipsters

and we checked out mi cocina for dinner --- first time in many months and were pleasantly surprised, especially by the live music --- i told robert it was like being in cuber, only cleaner

good food

23 January 2015

getting tired of winter

cypress street looking dickensian tonight after another gray day


these images, a good many centuries apart, rock my world in the same way, for whatever reason --- the top is a print by my friend meri, below is a bit of 12th century or so incan textile, the red eye of which is done with cochineal, a very rare and expensive natural dye

21 January 2015

midtown amenities

very excited to see shep's ace hardware's "soft" opening --- grand opening will be in april, by which time they claim they will have a "smoothie bar" in the store --- well, alrighty then --- a great addition to midtown in any case --- i was too busy chatting with shep to remember to take pictures inside, don't you know

"little free library" is a wonderful concept -- i'm glad to see one on sixth street, convenient for me and the dog --- maybe i need to put one in metropolis
a classic midtown garden

20 January 2015

pieces of the sky

the view from piedmont and ponce is beginning to make some sense
great skies last night and this morning

17 January 2015


dog and i went to the river for the first time since before thanksgiving! sweet!

the orchidaceae

16 January 2015

after dark

downtown twice in one day! night lights transform the city --- the exterior of the buildings around the peachtree center courtyard had new up lighting, fading back and forth between green and blue ---

met some friends for dinner at alma cocina in the 191 building, escaping a way noisy bar for the faux terrace that spills into the building's atrium --- margueritas were excellent as were the fish tacos

crazy kitteh

i've never seen the dex drinking from the water bowl in the kitchen --- there's always a little water that drains out after i turn off the shower, and i'll hear him knocking around in there, coaxing a few more drops out long after i've finished with the shower


an excellent day: the sun finally came out and i got a phone call from my client effusive with praise for my recent work--- walked downtown to meet an old nps friend for lunch at my favorite place in fairlie-poplar, le french quarter cafe, in one of the healey building's little storefronts off the south side of the rotunda --- fine little place that always seems to score 100 on their health inspection

and the fenestraria is showing no signs of stopping the blooms --- i brought it in when it started getting into the mid-twenties and below but otherwise its out there doing its part to keep up appearances in the balcony garden

12 January 2015


it is fairly strange what survives --- this was loose in a box of other this and that --- and in purty good shape to have just been floating around all these years --- a fragment from my g-g-grandpa's life

monday ---

an excellent concept

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means "forest bathing" and unlike the Norwegian translation above, this one seems a perfect language fit (though a pretty similar idea). The idea being that spending time in the forest and natural areas is good preventative medicine, since it lowers stress, which causes or exacerbates some of our most intractable health issues.

i've been indoors with my nose to the grindstone too much the last month or so

08 January 2015

it's cold --- let's tear it down

10 degrees this morning in atlanner --- weather that will give you rosy cheeks
but that didn't stop demolition of the old starbucks at seventh street this morning

04 January 2015

afternoon at the high

an excellent afternoon at the high --- robert and everybody else was all about the cezanne but, being the philistine that i am, i was a little underwhelmed (i've always thought architecture, landscapes and buildings, was the only thing that mattered anyway) --- however, i loved the little room of camille pissarro's work ---
three della robia panels from florence made me want to go there real bad --- maybe soon
and just in time for renaissance recorders
if i were going to have any of it in my unit, it would be this by jacques lipchitz, acrobat on horseback, in bronze, 1914 ---


the gordon parks photography from alabama in the 1950s and 1960s was some great, if fairly depressing, stuff --- i remember the separate toilets and water fountains and all, although it's almost incredible today

but i simply can't understand why they would leave the left-over plywood tables and trash cans from last night's event out in the atrium for what they must have known would be a million people traipsing through the building today --- nobody cares about the details --- richard meier would be appalled