29 September 2012

full corn moon

overcast tonight so we can't see the real thing, but this is from last night

28 September 2012

27 September 2012

loving on savannah

the rebirth of ellis square is really quite wonderful ---

fort pulaski

fort pulaski is a wonderful site --- few alterations since union troops on tybee bombarded it in 1862

coloring fall

the maples are about to be purty

23 September 2012

fall light

fine, fine weather ---- it gets no better, unless perhaps it could be a little damper overall --- but two different people, two different situations, and both of them bring up how messed up politics and race in america has become --- which is its own particular kind of downer --- then trying to figure out what to do about a co-worker who drunk calls me on his days off, which are frequent

oh, well, glad it's fall

19 September 2012

the picture of confidence

the sun seems to be racing to the south these days --- more dark coming

16 September 2012

old roads

cochran road running north from the site of campbellton is my favorite old road in the county --- for a few hundred feet it runs within 50 or 75 feet of the river itself --- one of the very few places anywhere that you can drive that close to the river

it had been even longer since i was on the upper wooten road, which i found was closed to traffic as it crosses the southern part of cochran mill park and nature preserve --- it was an awful road thirty years ago --- two fords that were often impassable --- it's well maintained now and apparently opened on certain occasions


i don't get down to south fulton much, but when i do, i will always swing by campbellton --- somehow i had always missed this site until today --- it's just north of the beavers house, kinda hidden up an overgrown bank where one's eye is always drawn the other way --- site of the original baptist church, est. 1828 --- a great antebellum cemetery, too, including graves of englishes and browns ---

great shell mounds added to these graves
view northeast from cemetery

15 September 2012

yes, let's . . . .

from atrios:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's Keep Saying This Until It Doesn't Sound Crazy Anymore

WaPo's Zach Goldfarb:

If Fed could print money and give it to near-prime borrowers, undwater homeowners, and nervous businesses, then we'd have another story.
The Fed can print all the money it wants, but it can’t give it to the people who need it. Only banks, gov’t, Fannie/Freddie
I don't think Bernanke can legally start mailing checks to us, though I think when hits the "emergency powers" button he can probably do just about anything, but it isn't said often enough by the right people that there are alternatives to giving free money to banks, such as giving free money to me. At this particular point in time, those alternatives are clearly superior.

We have a problem that can be easily solved by giving free money to people, perhaps the most popular solution to a problem ever. And it isn't happening.

14 September 2012

Battle for White House

some lovely shades of pink on this map

Battle for White House

hyde farm

13 September 2012


there is no better way to spend a thursday evening than spending it in the botanical garden

11 September 2012


a horrible day remembered --- the terrorists won that day, cowing a great country into compromising its principals and civil liberties in the name of a never-ending "war on terror"