31 January 2016

the hooch

a great day on the river, or rather along the river, since i don't do cold water swims ---

29 January 2016



it's been a long time since i had the luxury of sitting and reading a book more or less straight through --- re-reading "albion's seed," which is one of the better books i have ever read --- tomorrow i will finish it --- i'm glad that the internets haven't totally destroyed my ability to focus

25 January 2016

the view from my bed

i don't see the moon rise this time of year, but it wakes me up as it sets --- lying there in bed this morning, i realized that the glass face of the new tower i've been watching go up (the lights on the construction crane have been coming on around 6 mon-sat since last summer) will show nice reflections of the sunrise, to which this image does not do justice
i have been much like the cat in the warm dryer the last month or so, awaiting a response from my client on the mss i gave them before xmas --- today i got it, and it was very positive --- which is good, although it will require me to get out of the warm dryer and go back to work 

23 January 2016


we got the tail end of a big-ass winter storm --- inch or so of snow intown--- a lot more in northeast georgia and up into the midatlantic --- thunder snow, sunshine snow, barely above freezing all day, and near-gale force winds made for a semi-big weather day --- supposed to be in the upper 60s toward the end of next week

19 January 2016

17 January 2016

hahn wood and lullwater park

an excellent hike along the south fork of peachtree creek --- a little muddy here and there and guinness got his feet wet, but one of my favorite hikes

16 January 2016

15 January 2016

flood warning

the water in the river and in rottenwood creek was purty impressive today --- wouldn't want to fall in right now

13 January 2016


so the nasty little thing on guinness' neck isn't cancerous and might even go away --- in the meantime, i've gotten him a harness and taken off the collar, to which he has adjusted just fine


reconstructing midtown

i will miss waking up to the construction crane lights coming on at 6:30 in the morning (the pic is from my bedroom) --- and all the workmen in the publix at lunch hour --- and just the general excitement of building construction --- the crane has already come down at the fifth and peachtree development, and it won't be long til the cranes at the alta development on w peachtree b/t p'tree place and eighth will be gone, too --- even so, there'll be cranes in the viewshed for a while yet

some do better than others . . .

'm having trouble with the cattleya --- afraid i might not have the right touch with them, but i'm getting little bits of gaudy color

old places

i took a friend for a ride around s. fulton county yesterday and checked in on some places i hadn't seen in a while --- utoy cemetery, owl rock, campbellton, cochran road along the river, etc. --- the wilson house (ca. 1858) has just been bulldozed, but the mt. gilead campground, which i thought had been torn down years ago, was still there ---

12 January 2016


the william a wilson house was built in the late 1850s and remained in the family until the 1960s when it was sold to the adjacent hospital --- occupied for a while, it was a mess by the late 1980s ---

today it was gone

11 January 2016

putting your vegetables in their place

john gave me a very large, thick tome on the preparation of vegetables for consumption, which includes all those weird things you see at dekalb and buford farmers markets that you wouldn't know what to do with ---

it may replace joy of cooking as my go-to cookbook

the preparatory instructions are especially excellent == e.g., "scrub the potatoes ferociously with a brush" and another to scrub the vegetable "assertively"

eleventh street

so it's not as homey and quaint as the early 20th century bungalows that they tore down to build this, but i'm sure people bitched when they graded up another part of walker's old farm to build the bungalows ---- never mind the indians

bowie --- r.i.p. 1947-2016

08 January 2016

night out

ponce city market is purty great and a fine place for dinner with the susans and don