30 June 2006

clouds or fog

i shoulda got my butt outta bed the other morning and burned an image of this view, which actually wasn't there because of the fog---the lower five or six floors of the spire were visible but above that it was gone---anyway this image is all different from that---

26 June 2006


yesterday i hosted a brunch for robert/doug/john/donald---robert brought his friend scott along, who didn't drive me totally crazy by talking to much, and i invited a guy i work with, who also didn't drive me totally crazy by talking to much---had plenty to eat plus mimosas and bloody marys before the parade started---the weather was kinda wild all afternoon and halfway through the parade it was pouring rain---everybody kept marching but it was sad to see the spectators cowering under canopies before gradually fading away---all the rain and lightning finally forced cancellation of everything at the park after 3 PM---and, oh, what are we proud of? that straight world hasn't driven us all completely out of our minds

23 June 2006

gaying up the metropolis

our gay mardi gras some think, and maybe now that's all it can be---but that might be enough, since it still aggravates the baptists while everybody else just ignores it or thinks it's kinda interesting, unless they get caught in traffic on tenth street

solstice sunset

and hot

18 June 2006


went over to the botanical garden to check out the nikki de saint phalle sculpture exhibit---the totem poles were the best

and as always the orchids and bromeliads rocked

14 June 2006

can't have nothing nice . . .

figured this was gonna happen---flip back to the images i
posted in march

13 June 2006


i rarely catch him in the act,
but i often see the evidence
that he has spent the day on my pillows--

11 June 2006


and a bug