30 November 2011

27 November 2011

spectacle at the garden

a really great light show, in spite of way too many people ---open til 10 every night til jan 7

25 November 2011

fall, going on winter

making a dreadful thing less dreadful

aside from the fact that it will have way too many lanes, the new johnson ferry road bridge over the chattahoochee has nice semi-open railings that allow at least a glimpse of the river ---

sacrilege redux

i forgot and bought a sandwich, but otherwise . . . .

19 November 2011


above average fireworks at atlantic station tonight --- some shapes i haven't seen before in fireworks

the autumnal landscape

the view this evening



they were setting up the crane this morning and this evening it's gone --- one of midtown's great old tulip poplars --- the house is fine, dating to the 1890s, and the tree was almost as old --- the place already had a driveway and front steps, but they weren't exactly where the new owners wanted them so they went and dug up all around the east and north side of the tree --- it hadn't looked good this season and i was pretty sure it wouldn't come back next year anyway --- hope they are satisfied now

saturday morning

the first orchid starting to bud this season, and the porte cochere is open after having been closed for three weeks while they stripped and recoated it with a non-skid surface --- no more squealing tire!

the police state redux

tell me the cop is not really pepper spraying those people

that was yesterday in davis, california ---

update: friends in davis assure me that it happened, more than once

astronomy pic of the year

jupiter with ganymeade and io

17 November 2011

clear and cool

yesterday's sunset

"klan air"

what's up with the backwards swastika? my grandfather's ku klux regalia from the 1920s was unfortunately destroyed by my thoroughly embarrassed grandmother in the 1950s after my stroked-out grandfather dragged it out to show my brother --- his probably wasn't as nice as these, what with the little applique around the hem and all

voices from the 1%

A group of two dozen millionaires stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, demanding lawmakers raise their taxes.

they're not all selfish assholes

16 November 2011

recommended reading

just finished montefiore's "biography" of jerusalem --- 3,000 years of building up and tearing down, centuries of religious conflict, a continuity of families stretching back hundreds of  years --- adds a whole lot of understanding about israel and palestine in the 21st century --- four stars


$429.50 a pound

14 November 2011

downtown doings

 i hate what they're doing to marietta street: they've cut down all the trees so they can dig it all up and fence it all in!!! so the dogs won't shit in it!!!!! although the official reason is to prevent jaywalking, which the now-razed landscaping was already doing ---- grrrrr
on the other hand, they've started surveying for the new street car line, which might breathe some life into sweet auburn ---

13 November 2011