28 February 2015

signs of spring

dog and i walked the rottenwood creek trail at chattahoochee today ---- the trout lilies (erythronium umbilicatum) are in full flower and there were great herds of them --- being a shitty photographer i could not get a decent image --- whatever, go look for yourself ----
but honest to god, not to beat a dead horse or anything, this orchid just rocks my world --- 

27 February 2015


the second atlanta location for another chain, with others in austin, new york, miami, d.c., denver, etc.---- this one is faux irish

"fadó" is  translated from the irish as "long ago," from the portuguese as "doom"

whatever, it is great to see lights at that corner of our building again ---and it might be a good counterpoint to taco mac at the other end of the building

happy friday

it is amazing the difference a little sunshine can make in one's mood, as it were --- a week with none begins to take it's toll --- adult beverages with a friend after work and all is well
dog likes a damp-free walk, too


finally, a sunny day! nobody likes it better than dex --- just in the mid-40s outside, but mid-70s in my unit, without the electric heat --- first time i've been really warm in days

24 February 2015

winter wonderland

the orchids sorta make up for the grey --- this cattleya started opening yesterday
just as the dendrobium is winding down

i'm ready for sunshine

woke up to freezing rain and snow flurries, which didn't last long --- but winter storm warning for tomorrow

22 February 2015

nuttin much

foggy, rainy, grey --- a perfect day for orchids at the botanical garden with mary --- and then to hang out at sweet hut, one of midtown's hotspots these days --- coincidentally, the economist just reported that chinese applicants at ga. tech had risen from 33 in 2007 to over 2,300 last year ---

a different take on "cry"

19 February 2015

"it's like a hug from the lord"

by jove

been thinking too much to blog, if you know what i mean --- just finished goodman and soni's biography of cato, "rome's last citizen" --- excellent

if one were to enlarge the image here, one would see that jupiter is mighty fine right now, if one has not already noticed

13 February 2015

eating our way across town

for nearly ten years, each month i've gotten together with three old friends for dinner on a friday night --- we rotate hosting, with the host choosing the venue --- once in a while one of us will cook, but usually it's a different restaurant every month and we've rarely go to the same place twice --- places i would probably never go otherwise --- if i were more of a foodie, i would have been keeping up with all the venues

tonight:  endive publik house, which was excellent in every way, not least because the noise level did not preclude conversation

nice work, if you can get it . . .

next week to white county to meet with the folks about my proposal [from last year] for a history of sautee-nacoochee, although i'm still not sure they're ready to go with it yet --- start a project at elkmont in the smokies in early march --- too bad i won't be there for the synchronous lightning bugs in june --- probably start researching and writing up historical context for cape hatteras lighthouse in the spring --- and there's even talk about being part of a big project at the n.c. state capitol, although that probably won't happen until next year --- looks like my midtown history will continue to languish a while longer.

12 February 2015


when they knocked down the neel reid apartments on seventh street, they piled all the limestone and granite from its foundation in the parking lot behind bulldogs --- the granite has disappeared, but the limestone was moved and stacked in the empty space at p'tree and sixth --- will it be incorporated into the new building? who cares?

09 February 2015

spring-like temperatures, rain, and hail, ahead of some cold-ass air later in the week

08 February 2015

walky, walky, walk

an excellent day! mid-60s this afternoon, and i think the entire population of the city was in the park or on the belt line --- after the bot gdn this morning, i walked over to the old fourth ward for a birthday party , and then met another friend for drinks and dinner --- nearly 33,000 steps and 15 miles of footwork in all that

another morning at the garden

it's nice to go with different people, who always see it in a different way

and 39 geese munching away on the oval this morning ---

07 February 2015

yellow river

first time at yellow river park, which was purty nice, although we had to cut our jaunt short after guinness starting throwing up and taking endless shits --- i think he hoovered up the wrong thing off the sidewalk in midtown

i'm not sure why they named it "yellow"

Sec. 78-34. – Improper use of sound producing devices It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or use any sound producing or motorized equipment, including but not limited to generators and vehicles, or play or operate any sound amplification devices, including but not limited to radios, television sets, stereos, musical instruments, public address systems and the like, in such a manner as to unreasonably annoy, disturb, injure, or endanger other persons, or to otherwise destroy the comfort, repose, peace or safety of other persons in a park or recreation facility. (Code 1978, § 4-3006; Ord. of 1-2-02(2), § 1)

exhibiting the orchidaean alliance

i sorta wish they didn't feel obligated to have a theme for the annual orchid show at abg --- but they do . . . .

whatever, we had the garden almost to ourselves this morning, except for the tai chi group in the lawn area --- a loop through the garden is an excellent way to catch up with a friend