27 May 2020

getting out of the house

we had an excellent morning visit to hyde farm in the wilds of east cobb, the furtherest i've been from peachtree street since early march --- the place looked really great, especially as the newness of the massive rehab in 2014 has worn off ---
also too kenny got to see how sidewalk chicken bones are grown and i got to visit with a dear friend as well

23 May 2020

the dog world

dog loves the afghan ma made me ca. 1980, and i think she would be proud

21 May 2020

garden is back!

the atl bot gdn has finally re-opened, except for the conservatory and orchid house! members only this week, but opening to the public on saturday --- timed reservations but open every evening until 9, which is wonderful ---overcast, upper 50s, virtually no one else there made for a delicious evening --- i've  missed that place this spring more than anything

19 May 2020

corona update

everything continues to verge on the surreal, but things are beginning to feel a bit more nermal --- a few restaurants are trying to open, but not a whole lot of people are quite ready to venture out like that --- still, you gotta start somewhere

cafe intermezzo on p'tree at 11th is one of those trying to reinvent their seating, including tables on the sidewalk ---
i think something finally clicked in kenny's little brain, and he now understands that he should pee in the house only under very controlled circumstances, like directly on the pee pad --- we have settled on four dog walks per day, on fairly set routes and times, so the pee pads get minimal use --- i can live with that 

07 May 2020

new crick trail

we checked in with ms byrd and her young'uns this afternoon and looked at part of the trail along the lower reaches of the south fork of peachtree creek --- the underside of I-85 (between piedmont and lindbergh) is not as impressive as I-75 over the river ---

dog found the remains of something dead to rub his head in and slept happily every after

canola virus times

the novelty of an empty peachtree street has worn off --- but no problem, with 65k+ dead people, gov. skeevy has "reopened" the state, although at least here nobody much is buying it

demolition of the hundred-year-old apartment building on eighth st has added to the overall melancholia