27 February 2020

losing midtown

the last tenants moved out yesterday --- i hate to think how soon the wrecking ball will follow ---

great stuff

23 February 2020

the liberry

all of the library has now been cataloged and repositioned into appropriate broad categories; i have as yet not gone so anal as to start alphabetizing the categories --- 1,482 titles (and one on the way), 176 of which are e-books that don't take up shelf space and, in any case, will disappear when the poles reverse --- i've got as much in books as i do in the rest of my stuff combined and should probably up my homeowner's insurance accordingly
mostly non-fiction --- the top two shelves here contain a little fiction, poetry, fables, religion, and what not --- but the rest is history and culture, including histories of hell and shit, and a theory of assholes --- a whole shelf nothing but queers, negros, and indians --- the little narrow stack on the right is all state and local history
books in the other rooms, but not as many --- sooner or later, i will need to cover this wall with shelving ---

my favorite place to be

21 February 2020


one should always check one's voter registration, especially these days --- it's easy to get to, so i did, and find that i am now "black of nonhispanic origin" --- WTF!!!! how did that happen? i sometimes wish i had been born black, so it's not that, it's how some human came to mess around with my information like that and why --- stacey abrams is trying to ride herd on it, so i sent her a note and left a message with fulton co voter registration

19 February 2020

people can be cruel

some horrible woman at the park looked at him today, laughed, and said "another fat beagle"

those sidewalk biscuits pile on the calories

16 February 2020

trumpistan is a skeery place

a cousin can't understand why i "keep harping on trump" --- this kind of thing is a good part of the reason, and just a few hundred feet from my building --- apd's zone 6 commander lives a few floors up from me and i showed it to him, but what can/will they do?


13 February 2020


i just sent them my semi-final revision to the coochee history (110,000 words, all in sentences and stuff) --- "a history of sautee nachoocee" --- a fantastic project that i almost hate to let go of --- it's been nearly five years in the making --- i hope they get it in print

those valleys remain just about my favorite part of the state

01 February 2020

losing old midtown

i love these apartments, ca. 1920, on eighth st opposite the south end of metropolis alley --- some of the best early apartment buildings were along peachtree and cross streets in midtown ---
nearly all of them are gone now, and this will be soon, for another apt tower