31 August 2013

dragoncon parade 2

jackson, cooper, beckett, brendan, there from roswell with doting parents in tow

the manly swagger perfected
the zombie village people: "disco is dead"

dragoncon: the parade!

30 August 2013

29 August 2013

getting there in fits and starts . . .

the u.s. attorney general won't oppose the legalization of marijuana in colorado and washington state ----

and the irs announced that, for tax purposes, same-sex couples would be treated equitably, even if same-sex marriage was not legal in the state where they live

two weeks ago, the dept of defense announced that it would offer benefits to same-sex spouses and grants leave for anyone needing to travel to a state where it's legal for them to get married

yesterday a federal court also struck down the veterans administration prohibition against beneftis to same-sex spouses

and the poor fast-food workers at mcdonalds on marietta st have joined the nationwide strike for a higher minimum wage

25 August 2013

poor summerhill

the new living walls in the old summerhill business district are purty great, but summerhill itself remains a very sad part of the city --- going on 50 yrs after urban renewal and the city's first stadium destroyed much of the neighborhood, it remains an urban wasteland

24 August 2013

repurposing midtown

new sculpture at tenth and juniper, which has been a fairly dismal corner for many years now
soon to be repurposed, i am sure, as a loo by the neighborhood bar patrons

the color!

22 August 2013


an excellent evening at the garden with mary of troy

20 August 2013

17 August 2013

beautiful things

the orchid's tropical fragrance fills the room, and another spray is starting to open

16 August 2013

plush weather for august

had to put on an extra shirt last evening sitting on the balcony --- east wind at 10 or so mph has been constant --- and this morning 63 and been in the 60s all day ---

a last look . . .

the parents' house is empty, ready for the cleaners --- mike has a real estate agent lined up and we'll have it on the market --- with any luck, today was my last trip to fayetteville for a long time

15 August 2013

atlanner landmarks

the eastern cottonwood, populus deltoides at the academy of medicine is one of the city's great trees ---- it's on it's last legs probably and when it goes, the academy won't be the same

there goes the neighborhood

the new walmart on fifth street is open and, i'm sure, hugely popular with the techies --- only 2,500 sf, vs 150,000 for a typical super store ---