31 May 2012

tenth street

that's a view east on tenth at peachtree, c. 1950 --- it's kinda cool that there will be a grocery store again at peachtree and tenth, although everything will depend on exactly how prissy it wants to get in order to meet the standards of the so-called midtown mile --- by the time tenth street (then bleckley avenue) was opened between monroe and peachtree in 1890, there was already the genesis of a commercial district at the intersection, including a grocery store at the northeast corner --- the early-twentieth-century commercial core that stretched from peachtree place to fourteenth street was almost totally demolished in the last quarter of the twentieth century and is being only slowly recreated for the twenty-first century --- walking crescent, juniper, piedmont, etc. reminds one of what might have been had the very core of midtown not been razed, with large parts of the land remaining undeveloped for over twenty years ----  

more eats!

it has been an active couple of days in the opening-soon category as repeat atlanta has announced that la tagliatella will open in the fall in my building where silk used to be --- i think its aromas in the building might be an improvement over those of silk
is closing their brookwood store and opening at the northeast corner of p'tree and eleventh --- that will replace the late and little lamented bakeshoppe i guess
and, most interesting of all, mamanoes, which is some kind of boutique bodega or something, is opening in july at p'tree  and tenth --- and from birmingham, alabama!!!??? I think they've leased dewberry's bullshit building, which means they're just testing the waters --- if it's 999, they've already done their marketing ---
and then as i'm walking home, i see that work has resumed at cafe agora on p'tree place --- nobody had been in the place for a month, about the time their buckhead location scored a 64 on their health inspection ---

29 May 2012


tropical storm beryl is out over east georgia now --- poured a lot of rain on the okeefenokee swamp and a lot of southeast georgia, which has been thoroughly drought-stricken

28 May 2012

tainting the faith

this sort of thing would have appalled baptists of even a hundred years ago --- surely their tax-exempt status ought to be questioned

non-humanoid fauna on the thirteenth floor

the mockingbird, which has done its best to keep the balcony clear of cat, now has multiple offspring, one of which is now in the observational tormenting stage in its relationship with the cat (when the dog emerges, the bird is gone)

honoring the fallen

took jc n iris to the cemetery this morning --- decoration day, don't you know ---

by the by, a lot of people seem to confuse memorial day and veterans day --- the former honors those who died in uniform; the latter all of those who served ---

upgrading the neighborhood

it's good to have the sidewalks back --- still finishing details in the bank itself

memorial day

remembering a life wasted --- and the details

27 May 2012

architectural degradation redux

they've picked this one on piedmont avenue clean --- carriage house too --- in preparation, no doubt, to some godawfully expensive "restoration," but at least they didn't flat tear it down


degrading a landmark

i'm not thrilled with the new stainless-steel roof on the alexander coliseum --- the old copper one was perfection --- the place is looking like a giant wok

midtown landmark

guinness wonders why the cheetah III lounge has the largest flag in the city --- probably because it's easy to spot from the downtown connector

25 May 2012

dog hair

guinness was a dirty, itchy, shaggy dog this morning --- this evening he is clean, itchy, and shorn --- more importantly, the unit here is more-or-less clear of great clots of dog hair, with the added joy of knowing that it might stay that way for the foreseeable future

meanwhile, the yappy pomeranians in the south tower are getting a home-do

deep history

42,000 yr old flutes! purty wonderful ---

building midtown

guinness and i will be making a closer inspection of the new construction in midtown in the next day or so

the bank

they are about ready to stick a fork in the bank rehab --- street trees went in this week on crescent avenue and p'tree place and they're taking the construction fence down this morning ---

missionaries in midtown

many more teams of mormon missionaries walk the streets these days --- i wonder why?

24 May 2012

beginning a long weekend

another thursday evening at the atl bot garden --- lilies, delphinium, hydrangea, thistle, orchid, et. al.

23 May 2012


i think a romney-trump ticket would be the most happening thing in town, although romney-west might be more exciting ---

22 May 2012

"does convenience trump community?"

i don't do grindr, but i was a very early adopter of aol chat rooms, which is how i met robert --- i was never real crazy about gay bars, but i still hope they don't all go away ---


21 May 2012

from the [baptist] pulpit . . . .

i am somewhat curious about his reference to "queers and homosexuals" --- i wonder how he distinguishes the two --- watch it all, especially where he starts imagining kissing another man ----

20 May 2012

my garden

 ten plants in bloom right now --- the maxillaria, left, is winding down, as are most of the phalenopsii --- the st. paulia are just starting up again --- the euphorbia milii, of which the red one is a new addition to the garden, never stops

 the blossoms on this cattleya opened on 22 april --- basically a month of blossomry ---- it'll bloom again this year

streets alive atlanner!!!

n. highland was happening this afternoon

--- among the attractions, in addition to the king of pops, were the marching abominables, continuing almost four decades of service to the community!
guinness was all tuckered out after touring n. highland avenue