30 December 2010

28 December 2010

to blue ridge and back

they had 12" out of the storm

27 December 2010

an afternoon in the park

relaxing in atlanner

always look forward to stimulating conversation and activities when cathi is in town


25 December 2010

snowy night in atlanner

snowing in atlanner on christmas

anything more than a trace will beat a record set in 1882

big weather coming?

24 December 2010

22 December 2010

20 December 2010


dog was stalking squirrel, complete with his rendition of a pointer's tail

a christmas elf on marta

obscuring the view

 i hope this is not all we see of the moon tonight

19 December 2010

the product

the brick are complete

one will look good; maybe all three will taste good

half-way there

awaiting the matrix

the real meaning of christmas

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — An Abu Dhabi luxury hotel that boasted an $11 million Christmas tree decorated with gold and gems admitted Sunday it may have taken the holiday spirit a bit too far.

ya think?

from cooks.com


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1/4 ton cement
2 c. industrial-grade epoxy
Plaster of paris
Green lumps
Red lumps
Mix together and fire in open-air kiln. Glaze with polyurethane lacquer. Let stand forever.

18 December 2010

d.a.d.t. is dead

or at least nearly so --- the senate did what they shoulda done a long time ago

17 December 2010

approaching the solstice

the rbc building (and the tropic of capricorn) mark the south end of the sun's transit across the sky --- it's nearly there

16 December 2010

the flowers

the other cattleya is open --- it doesn't have much perfume, but it makes up for that with its color

racial profiling

dividing lines are still there, but our patterns of living in atlanta are not nearly as segregated as they were 50 years ago, especially intown and gwinnett --- not just a black/white divide either --- 

waste some time with these maps ----

14 December 2010

old stuff

a link to my g-g-grandpa's copy book

cultural vandalism

some asshole cut down the thorn tree at glastonbury --- don't blame it on the atheists: it happened once before, during the english civil wars when some mindless protestant took his ax to it

11 December 2010


miscellaneous doodling, c. 1850


loca luna, eclipse de luna, etc., reborn as lunacy black market, deep in the wilds of south downtown --- good eats

10 December 2010

old stuff

i've been photographing my g-g-grandpa davis' copy book (1847-1852) --- mostly mathematical exercises, but occasional gems like this --- i especially like the last line of the recipe

09 December 2010

you can't have nothing nice

andrew sends me this image of woodlawn (in the previous post) in 1946, entitled "the moss weeps"


fine architecture

another spectacular photograph by frances benjamin johnston, taken in 1938 (historic american buildings survey) --- half of the buildings surveyed during the new deal were gone by the mid-1960s, including this one which was lost in the 1940s ---

07 December 2010


"What does this MEAN?"

a crappy day in history

first pearl harbor in 1941, then the winecoff fire, the worst hotel fire in american history right here in atlanner in 1946 --- william f. winecoff was one of the original developers of ansley park, and built one of the first houses there, which burned down in 1911 --- he then built his eponymous hotel, which opened in 1913, advertised as "absolutely fireproof" --- winecoff and his wife resided on one of the upper floors --- both died in the fire, along with 117 others --- that's some rough karma or something there ---

05 December 2010


it's getting more like winter every day --- and though i don't miss the heat, i'm not looking forward to the upcoming 20 degree mornings walking the dog either --- i guess some of us are never satisfied ---


03 December 2010

ad astra

our lives have room for only so many true friends, at least mine has --- and i've lost one with cv's passing this morning ---

may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest

02 December 2010

the improved viewshed

the last of the cell towers at tenth and spring disappeared today