30 June 2011

cocktails in the garden tonight

views from the 27th floor

some wonderful views from offices at p'tree center --- especially of the hyatt's blue dome ---

28 June 2011

the garden

it is very rare that one of my angiosperms is not in flower ---which is a good thing

27 June 2011

26 June 2011

hope for the future

gov. cuomo, leading the way

checking out the view

natural phenomena

i have been wondering exactly how much protection is provided by the lightning rods on top of the building to me standing on my balcony --- we have been having some great storms this year!

22 June 2011

ocmulgee old fields

this was the heart of the creek nation and the chief who signed it away at the indian springs in 1825 paid for that act of treachery with his life --- interstate 16 was run between the mounds and the river and, if the macon business community had its way, the so-called "fall-line freeway" would bisect the national monument that preserves what is left of the site ---that won't happen

really old stuff

this is purty great: bone fragment with a mastodon carved into it that is at least 13,000 yrs old --- oldest in the western hemisphere!

21 June 2011

preserve metropolis!

 the building is less than ten years old and already they're starting to remodel it --- jamestown properties owns the commercial space and can apparently bugger up the building the way they see fit --- it actually wouldn't be= so bad, but whoever is doing their design here and at 999, which they also own, is an architectural philistine

19 June 2011

sunday feeding

 xtine can set a table ---

18 June 2011

big weather redux

nice storms and then a great sunset

17 June 2011

p'tree reflection

gidewon's lobby ceiling and the federal reserve ---

semi-big weather

a great gale on the balcony --- but all the rain that rolled across west georgia disappeared when it got to atlanner

14 June 2011


 if i could have only one plant, it would be this euphorbia --- it literally never stops blooming except for a week or so when i bring it inside each fall --- the red one isn't nearly so vigorous or non-stop in blooming, but it still blooms from february or so into december

13 June 2011

carrie nation nation

this is an unusual page from a family bible -- clearly unsigned, but i think they mostly stayed sober anyway

12 June 2011

10 June 2011


this wonderful oncydium bloomed last november and is now at it again

09 June 2011

gidewon's nightclub

they're working late and gotta be close to getting it open

west palm beach, 1910

great website --- click on the pic for hi res image ---

anything for a buck

i think we're supposed to be impressed and fascinated and what not that the streets are all clogged up and they won't let you use the sidewalks on either side of the street due to filming --- but i'm not, dammit --- especially when i know it's filming "the three stooges"!!! i hope the atlanta history center is making a gob of money prostituting their property this way ---

06 June 2011

stooging up p'tree place

the work continues

05 June 2011

we hate parkatlanta

this is one of the new (6-9 months) parkatlanta kiosks on euclid avenue at little five points --- the little yellow note taped left of center sez it's "out of order," which probably means there is glue in the credit-card slot

i am ashamed to admit that all of the parkatlanta kiosks in midtown are in near-perfect condition

dog face

robert's study of the dog face