26 November 2007

22 November 2007


another run on peachtree this morning---the track club's marathon and half marathon are today, but i didn't think that began until 11:30----anyway, a lot of people out running in a chilly (63) rain---mostly quiet, except for some cow bells now and then, and the horde of marines running in lockstep and chanting as they went---

12 November 2007


the exterior is nearing completion and they are installing landscaping on the terraces, which are on the 10th floor or so and apparently on both sides of the tower---the trees on our terrace are dying from lack of water---meanwhile aqua is offering to pay two years of association fees for each new purchase----

fayette county


11 November 2007

10 November 2007

main street

the g-great granddaughter of s. r. young the first stumbled across my post on her grandfather's death in august, two days before we closed on the purchase----she said he built the fish pond when he was a teenager, or before 1935---and she told me that her brother drowned the day after we closed---she was googling his name when she came across my post---
a lot of loose ends to finish up, but they refinished the floors upstairs this week---the two apartments up there are looking very good----

05 November 2007

the cube

i relocated and now reside in a lovely cubicle next to one of the windows over alabama street---

and the view from my window:

04 November 2007

the proposed enlargement of donald's domicile

the lees

i stumbled across an old post from somebody with the east point historical society who has been helping maintain the old lee family cemetery on washington road in east point---my g-g-grandpa john lee moved to what is now the west side of east point in the 1840s---one of my favorite pictures from that side of the family is this one, taken about 1925, showing ipson and tommie lee, my g-grandparents, in front of their house on washington rd., which was torn down about 1970---in the background is john lee's old antebellum house, which was torn down before world war II---the photo was taken not long before they sold the place and moved into town---ipson hated leaving the farm and killed himself a few years later---


longview road, fayette county----

glutted markets

so aqua is finished, but they still haven't sold all the units---only a few people have moved in----kinda sad that, since w. peachtree is one-way northbound, the only people who really see the building's facade are the perverts waiting to get out of the parking lot at the dirty book store-----meanwhile 1010 is moving right along and viewpoint has been topped out---

03 November 2007

i spotted the hawk that was hanging out in the pine tree next door, on top of the church steeple---

02 November 2007

another canon

small enough to fit in my pocket----i'm gonna be taking more pitchers i think----

i got my new camera today

but i'm just figuring it out so i didn't take this picture --- check out some amazing photography here