21 June 2016


i just finished john lahr's tennessee williams, mad pilgrimage of the flesh, a really excellent biography --- that williams was born in 1911 is a fact i missed learning along the way

what implements have we but words, images, colors, scratches upon the caves of our solitude?

19 June 2016

last day of spring

orlando got me down, made me want to just bury myself in my work -- which i did, and so i've gone the longest without posting since i started this stupid blog --- and now it's father's day and i'm sposed to have warm fuzzy thoughts ---         ---- as i told someone the other day, you just can't let the bastards get you down ---

i have dog, a few friends, a few flowers, and all the books i can think about, so i'm probably ok

plus i may not have to play rentman much longer --- anybody need a nice house in sylvan hills or college park?

18 June 2016

08 June 2016

a trip to pattiland

juniper street is about to get a major overhaul

06 June 2016

redundant images of the animals


i can't go without a blossom of some sort on the thirteenth floor, which is a good thing since i don't know what i would have to do to make the euphorbia quit blooming

02 June 2016

bitchin abt sidewalks again

it's not that far to atlantic station (abt 3.5 mi round trip) but this city's total disregard for keeping sidewalks open during building construction really chaps my butt --- that sort of t hing was never, absolutely never a problem in nyc --- only if they were actually excavating the sidewalk would it be closed

and our word for today

01 June 2016

"ain't any of us getting out of this alive"

the last of my jones aunts died the other day, aged 95, and the funeral was today --- a sweet lady that almost to her dying day spent her time digging around in her flower garden --- she actually didn't quit driving until last march --- a closed casket, thank you jesus, on her wishes, which makes her very progressive for the family in that way ---

the funeralization event also led to much cousin-friending on facebook, which i hope will work out well for all --- i know that most of them i would never see or hear from again otherwise ---

a.d. went with me and so we stopped to say hay to carol at flat creek, lying there amid many generations of joneses in fayette county --- we both agreed that we still missed her a whole hell of a lot ---

the burying today was at forest lawn, near union city, amid the graves of other generations of jones relations, including a cousin murdered in ft lauderdale in 1981 and his sister killed in a car crash a year later, all of which made everybody extremely sad --- seven siblings, a very baptist family that always tended much more toward love than judgement --- whenever my aunt and uncle traveled, they always left the door to the house unlocked, in case some of the family needed to get in