28 June 2012

i'm a sucker for purty flowers

27 June 2012

they're still around and central city park is still barricaded

living walls, redux

the animals had a large role in messing up the old carpet --- they are, of course, interested in selecting the new ---  

25 June 2012

24 June 2012

living walls!

 920 murphy avenue

333 peters street

22 June 2012

ruirnt buildings

this building shouldn't be standing up, and but for the straps it wouldn't be --- only one of the four corner posts was still attached to the sill and the top plate ---

20 June 2012

19 June 2012

infrastructure repairs

i worried about the house burning down before; now it's flooding six floors below because of something wrong with my plumbing --- more than one water heater has broken in the building in the last year and it's a huge mess for a lot of people --- i got a new one now, plus i remodeled the kitchen sink and replaced the innards of the toilet

i thought i had major problems when i emptied out the utility closet so the plumber could get at the water heater and discovered what i thought was a leak in the cast-iron waste line that runs through the closet --- after 24 hours wondering if my entire unit had been contaminated with somebody else's sewage, building maintenance, with photographic evidence in hand, told me it was air-conditioning condensation from the slothful neighbor above who is apparently not familiar with the basics of home maintenance ---
we feel fresh now

17 June 2012

view from the 17th st banana

poor d.o.t. --- their 17th st bridge presents a fine view of the city but little else since their stoopid screen fell over

16 June 2012

slumming on the south side

i finally journeyed to east pernt for the 15th annual possum show --- what an excellent mess

skate peachtree!

p'tree street was closed for about an hour this morning from ponce to 16th street --- for a skateboard parade!!!

a few hundred skateboards rolling down the street make an interesting roar

all sponsored  by museum of modern design atlanta (moda) for opening of Skate It or Hang It?! The Evolution of Skateboard Art

we were not alone

40,000 yr old painting in spanish caves now being attributed to neanderthals

13 June 2012

hyde farm

a day with the outbuildings at hyde farm ---  2 ticks this evening --- i hate ticks