26 August 2015

where are we anyway

the audc meeting was in the old city council chambers (ca 1929), which is always swell, in spite of the folding-chair/table amenities ---  and unlike the marathon two weeks ago, we were out of there by 6

earlier this afternoon, i opened the door to take the trash out, and there, in his shorts, was the purty little israeli guy from down the hall, trying to open my next-door neighbor's door --- he was clearly in a somewhat altered, but clearly pleasant, state ---- and he was happy for me to lead him back to his unit --- i asked him  if he had done ambien or something, and he said oh yeah --- and i said oh that's it --- he said why, have they done studies? --- anyway i walked him down to his very messy scene --- fridge and freezer doors standing open, half-packed luggage on the bed --- and he's wondering what happened to his missing sofa --- i reminded him that he was selling the place and moving --- i hated to leave him but he remembered his name and what not, so i figured he would be ok --- my next-door neighbor on the other side, who has a masters in drug and alcohol abuse counseling (!), approved of my actions

one's sanity is really quite fragile, generally speaking ---

i'm looking forward to my mini-sabbatical, beginning friday, during which i will inspect the hudson and connecticutt river valleys and see some old friends in vermont --- all new places! wheeee!!!

23 August 2015


this unit doesn't bloom a lot, but it's a special color and will be fragrant tomorrow --- a cross between neofinetia falcata and rhynchostylis coelestis

20 August 2015

up in smoke

there was a pall of smoke across the city as one of its oldest buildings burned up just now --- gaines hall at morris brown, designed by atlanta's first architect, william h. parkins, built in 1869 --- robert found some images on twitter --- i feel sure it's a total loss

18 August 2015

maps and storms

nice nerdy morning at ga archives --- found lots of good coochie maps

a fine thunderstorm rolling through

winding down the dog days of summer

been buried in reading for the coochie project and neglecting this here bloglet --- and guinnett sez i'm neglecting him, too although i don't think he's right about that

13 August 2015

walked downtown to meet a friend for lunch --- first time in a while --- nice to catch up with the street --- not so thrilled with the olympia bldg rehab --- i did not know that they were going to waste everything but the outside walls

finished the last revisions to the two elkmont reports when i got home ---

the new gsu law school bldg fills a big ol gap of long standing at houston and pryor --- the reflection of the candler bldg is purty nice
until today, i did not know that people eat cow feet --- disgusting

12 August 2015

an agenda from hell

44 cases for tonight --- omg

10 August 2015

the side eye

another jaunt to the ophthalmologist --- everything looking good with the gimpy eye, and don't have to go back for a month --- but he harshed my buzz for a trip to mexico city --- "i would worry if you traveled to a third world country within three months of surgery" --- and then this litany of things that could go wrong --- gee, thanks, doc

nice class-a thunderstorm, warning and all, just rolled through ---

got that over with

all three of my credit cards have now been compromised in the last six months --- i know it's a first-world problem, but still . . .

06 August 2015

wishing for fall

friends of a friend are thinking about midtown condo living and wanted to see my place this afternoon --- i'm not sure they're ready for the transition from eatonton to atlanner ----
good sunset this evening --- the air might have changed, but we aren't sure yet --- if it's 67 saturday morning, as is forecast, that will be purty swell

04 August 2015

99° and 28% relative humidity

we had nice sensible summers the last couple of years but this year it has gone to hell ---

03 August 2015

a different night out

i went to the first game in the old atlanta-fulton county stadium in 1966, and didn't go back, so i thought i ought to see one game at turner field before it's gone --- angela has been asking me to go with her for years, so tonight we had some quality time together at the ballpark --- excellent seats in the midst of an amazingly white crowd, which sorta explains the move to cobb, i guess ---

dukes creek falls

dukes creek falls in white county is where gold was first discovered in 1828, setting off the georgia gold rush and completing the ruination of the cherokee nation --- the falls are actually the 150' drop of davis creek, left, into the larger, but lower falls on dukes creek, right

stonepile gap

a favorite landmark in north ga is stonepile gap, the most likely totally fictitious tale of a cherokee "princess" being buried under the stone cairn in the middle of the intersection notwithstanding --- james adair, wm bartram, and others commented on the "innumrable" stone cairns they found all across the piedmont, although most were smaller than the one here --- in the 18th c, at least, the cherokee raised these piles to commemorate slain warriors ---
people continue to pile rocks, some of them decorated, along with the occasional chunk of asphalt ---

nice little stone wall (early 20th c?) surrounding the cairn but it is badly overgrown ---

track rock gap

a great loop through n.e. georgia today, with robert in tow --- neels gap, stonepile gap, and track rock gap, which was the ultimate destination --- it is a somewhat underwhelming site, especially if you've seen the petroglyphs in the southwest --- and they had been vandalized, but still . . . . they were there, except for some pieces sawed out by the damn relic hunters ---