20 May 2018

flower show

the midtown garden stroll was interesting --- especially the bee keeper with three hives in his back yard --- delicious honey, too --- but more than one astroturf lawn sorta harshed my garden buzz ---

angela came by with cousin yodagrace --- she and dog are just fine together --- we are still working on her relationship with the cat

19 May 2018

"the golden hour"

 an excellent evening at oakland cemetery for their "golden hour" opening ---

coochie update

finished formating and got the whole thing printed out --- unfortunately the editrix is probably not done with her picking

17 May 2018

baby steps

i've talked to my brother twice since the commencement of trumpistan, both brief phone conversations --- avoiding face-to-face, not wanting to know for sure that he might actually be all into trumpistan ---  he called today, and we had a nice twenty minutes or so talking about fukd up family members --- he volunteered that brian kemp and his guns are basically too much ---

16 May 2018

shitty people doing shitty things

i have been semi-bummed all day about the shitty things this administration is doing to immigrants --- the awful racist xenophobic ads being run by ALL the republicans running for state-wide office are just too much --- and trump calling immigrants "animals' today --- how do these people sleep at night? people's lives are being ruined by these assholes

geraniums, dog, and the mad palm keep me semi-sane

15 May 2018


guinness went to the vet today and got his shots and a biopsy on that thing on his leg

but fk if trump isn't taking us from bad to worse at every turn ---

14 May 2018


this is a purty great analysis of the types supporting trump --- doesn't matter which, they're all sending the country down the tubes. and killing people while they do --- 28 people already dead in gaza during protests about moving the stupid embassy to jerusalem, something every other president had sense enough not to do

re. jerusalem: i just told a friend that i hope we don't have to experience a global thirty years war in order for the christianists and islamists and jews, too, i guess to have the opportunity to work out whatever they need to work out so the rest of us can get on with our lives --- which is about the same as whatever the protestants and catholics had to work out 400 yrs ago

12 May 2018


50th annual georgia mineral society show and sale --- i think i made a significant addition to my collection of spherical objects

09 May 2018

garden update

the maxillaria has done its thing so my bedroom doesn't smell like coconut anymore --- the mae-memorial phalaenopsis is on its way out, too, much sooner than i had hoped --- last year it stayed in bloom for most of six months --- but six of nine in the oncidium alliance are now in blossom, joining the ongoing zygopetalum efflorescence and the just-budding dendrobium ---

sometimes i think i ought to be documenting the downfall of the republic instead of watching the dog sleep --- it's gonna make a great story some day --- 

08 May 2018

new dog on the mountain

a nice day to get up on arabia mountain, even if the puppy got too tired to go all they way --- she and the dog were great together, him tolerating her squirmy presence and growling at her when she needed to be growled at

06 May 2018

good times

a spectacular, cool morning for atl bot gdn with mary and robt --- poppies and all amid the sweet stench of spring

fixing the interwebs

while plodding back through the coochie history with the editrix, i've been rehabbing tomitronics --- ten+ years of stuff put up there and a good bit of it was a graphic mess --- i'm about half way through the old buildings part

04 May 2018

happy friday

 the coochie editrix got mad and quit, after i complained about her constant need to revisit what she's already gone through --- but she came back

will it be open when i get there?