31 May 2013

my garden

this little unit and its compadres have been filling the room with the scent of coconut for nearly two months now

updating atlanner

streetcars on peachtree! --- i think too many people think of it as a giant and very expensive fun ride, and don't understand what it will contribute to restoring a vibrant downtown --- i'm stoked
meanwhile both sides of courtland between ponce and north avenues are getting all built up --- on the near side here is the site of the proton therapy facility and its particle accelerator, which sounds slightly scary ---  
the new apartment tower at sixth and juniper
the hyatt's alterations to the tenth and juniper sides of the building are looking promising --- the site is finally addressing pedestrian access, which it basically did not have except through parking lots and driveways --- on the other hand, the new apartment tower on crescent at 12th has seriously compromised my view of One Atlantic Center, which may be my favorite building in the city

30 May 2013

cocktails in the garden!

the agave harvardiana is starting to put on a show

28 May 2013

let go or be dragged . . . .

. . . . . especially if you're talking about stuff --- i met my brother at longview road this afternoon to talk to the people that are going to deal with the contents of jcniris' house --- at this point, it i s all a jumble of stuff that we all have rooted through and taken what we wanted --- the neice and nephew have taken a lot of things, but there are still some things i hate to leave for the pickers, like g-grandma lee's hump-backed trunk from the 1880s and the couple of quilts that she or her mama made god knows when --- iris' first "good" china, which wasn't all that good, and g'ma hart's dogwood glasses that were originally bought full of p'nut butter or jelly, i can't remember which --- the little almost-ruined, home-made bentwood chair from when iris was a child and the battered little blue-now-peeling-red car that was mine in 1953 and their first dining room table and chairs, circa 1942, and the armless rocker in which she rocked us all to sleep and the bassinet that they used for all three of us ---the little painted rocking chair that murphy bought for gary in cherokee in the 1940s and the framed prints that hung in g'ma hart's house --- i kept all the old photo albums, many reels of iris' 35mm slides, lots of documents including all i could find of iris' real-estate business papers --- even so, i had to rent a small 5' by 5' storage unit in order not to be covered up with boxes of papers until i've had a chance to go through and sort and what not ---

the dissolution of jcniris' material remains continues

27 May 2013

26 May 2013

spring miscellania

 took dog down to the park this morning and brushed out a ton of hair that otherwise would be all over the house ---
 then back this afternoon to the garden and sightseeing back through jazz fest
 and of course miss earth mother thing

the magnolia grandiflora is filling the air with its stench

viewpoint development

the apartment tower is going up quickly  --- and now a smaller condo building at p'tree and seventh, temporarily displacing the starbucks

can't have nothing nice

iris' candy dish no longer has a lid --- and for once the cat didn't do it; i did
spent the afternoon getting ready for a farewell soiree for a co-worker --- i launched the evening by knocking a glass of red wine over on the guest of honor's spouse, who was wearing the most attractive white jacket --- had to do laundry while we soireed---

and i dropped one of my salad forks off the balcony

otherwise, it was a good time for all

23 May 2013

burning up atlanner

yesterday morning i was afraid crum forster or some other major building was burning --- turned out to be a nice mid-20th century transmission repair shop on marietta st north of cnn ---
this afternoon, someone texted me that "a lot of buildings" had burned down in little five points --- turned out to be a major kitchen fire at the pub, but it destroyed a trove of grease, i'm sure, that stretched back at least fifty or sixty years to the redwood lounge of lore

21 May 2013

19 May 2013

streets alive! after all

the clearing skies at 1:30 were not a false promise --- it turned out to be a dry afternoon and more than a few people turned out --- it would probably have been an unbearable crush of people if the weather had been better

young mother rushes over to have her baby photographed with baton bob --- husband looked confused