30 November 2015

cypress street fall

it's different

planning ahead

i had a personal goal of completing chapter 2 of the coochee project by the end of this month, which is today, and i just now finished chapter 2 of the coochee project --- i've been way too much down in the weeds so far --- i will try to correct course in chapter 3, probably unsuccessfully

if i can meet my contractral obligation and give them chapters 1-3 by the end of the year, i shall go to mexico city or somewheres in january

29 November 2015

still missing ma

three years ago today ----

28 November 2015

guinness is wo' out

after working on the coochee project all day yesterday, i dragged robt and guinness on a 5.5 mi hike at red top mountain and allatoona today --- the scenery wasn't all that, but we did see deer and robt took some great fungi pics

26 November 2015

thanksgiving 2015

 half marathon, golden gingkos, and a red-tailed hawk made for an excellent morning dog walk to the park --- then sangria and a whole lot of food with mary, brian, and robert made for an even more excellent afternoon

guinness trying to escape!

25 November 2015

another one gone . . .

the champion cottonwood at the academy of medicine is a goner --- it must have been 200 yrs old, and had been in decline for the past few years

24 November 2015

getting ready for the holidays

i'm losing weight with vodka and fruitcake

22 November 2015

the bane of all seasons

i went on my quasi-annual froot-cake binge this weekend --- used two joy-of-cooking recipes, the first being this little unit, "california fruitcake" ---- the other a dark fruitcake, with molasses and brandy --- both of them need to sit for awhile before consumption, but the dark one is thought to have a shelf life measured in years, if not decades ----

ate some of the edges: it's gonna be great --- weighs in a just under 7 lbs, which means, yes, it could be used as a doorstop, and you're an asshole for thinking that ---

i told john that it is shameful how some people disrespect fruit cake --- he said fruitcake brought it on itself for being ubiquitous ---


21 November 2015

orchidicaea #3

just started today

20 November 2015

sunshine and orchidaceae

 two huge sprays of this little unit, and they smell like chocolate!
 research and note-taking today --- and a walk at the river

domini, domini, domini, you're all catholic now

a purty amazing "family tree" for the world's religions, most with their roots deep in the stone age
in a similar vein, this is an 1854 edition of religious denominations, with sections on "mohammedanism" and paganism, which includes your buddhists and "hindoos" --- a gazillion "christian" entries, including "two seeds in the spirit holiness church"

19 November 2015

rebuilding midtown

i have enjoyed watching this building go up and will be a little sad when it's finished --- it's what i see to the west from my bed --- wakes me up in the morning, usually around 6, when the boom lights go on --- they've still got a floor or two or three to go, but the skin is going on, so it won't be long til the crane is gone

sun's out!

and three members of the oncidium alliance are putting on a show ---

18 November 2015

stormy day

saw cousin patti, who has a beautiful maple in her back yard
 the boys tried unsuccessfully to help with writer's block (again)
caught lightning during the pan of an excellent storm front that rolled through late this afternoon --- spawned a tornado in south fulton, and i think we got the tail end of those winds --- best blow since the downtown tornado in 2008

17 November 2015

a not-so-glorious fall sliding towards winter

been too wet for really great leaf color

16 November 2015

loving retirement

a fine productive monday on the coochee project, and a long dogwalk thru the park --- for what more could one ask right this minute?

15 November 2015

color fix

a fine day, all in all --- mary and i went early to atl bot gdn and the brunch at bab's --- made pickles and sauer kraut in afternoon

we still haven't had a freeze so still a lot of color, including one brave iris