30 November 2010

atlanner in the rain

4 december 1951 --- from the cushman collection ---  thnx, andrew

29 November 2010

25 November 2010

cattleya redux

the blossoms are completely open now --- the other cattleya, which is a rich sunflower yellow, is budding, too

all fogged up

but a nice morning for the half marathon i guess ---

24 November 2010

new LED lighting to replace the old rope lighting --- they might need to work on programming of the light sequence a little --- one of the new buildings up the street has a huge wall in the lobby that fades in and out with different colors --- little white sparkly lights are all last century i guess

restoring the recent past

the visitor center (1958) at flamingo overlooks florida bay and has been painted a neutral off white for years --- it has been transformed by returning to the original flamingo-pink and sky-blue color scheme ----


23 November 2010

mahogany hammock

old-growth mahogany, gumbo limbo, and all kinda palms

yesterday evening at royal palm

south florida

they dug up a good chunk of the everglades for agriculture a hundred years ago --- some of the land has been restored and a lot more built over, but there are still vast fields of everything from english peas to palm trees

fowey rock light

we got out to fowey rock light yesterday but it was too rough to get close and actually tie up --- a very cool structure

shark valley slough

this was a part of the everglades i'd never seen before --- the tower was built in 1966 --- great views --- there were a lot of birds, anhinga, egrets, and wood storks and others i had never seen before --- alligators all over the place with the boy alligators growling and fussing over territory ---


this greeted me when i got home this evening --- it's never bloomed for me before ----

20 November 2010

saturday in the park and on the beltline

enjoy the trees while you can --- wi-fi may be killing them

quiet but busy

the worker people out front must have stayed up all night digging around, putting in wiring and installing the little fences --- and the other worker people were up bright and early climbing all over what was the tall radio tower, which they will have disappeared from view entirely within the hour

19 November 2010


it was probably a wondrous thing at the time

elections have consequences redux

"If I become chairman, we'll be reexamining the light bulb issue, no problem," Upton said.
keep the gummint outta my medicare and my light bubs

elections have consequences

The ghastly truth is that we have one political party that is as close to organized vandalism as one can imagine. START, the debt ceiling, civil rights, real spending cuts and tax reform: all these will be subject to the pure nihilism of the will to power. Their goal is the destruction of Obama. That is all.
i'm dreading the next two years as we watch ignorance and nihilism on parade

dog yawning

they're adding little fences around the tree islands in front of the building, with some sort of new lighting --- i hope all the digging doesn't kill the trees ---

xmas on p'tree

 too soon, as usual --- even one of my neighbors

another boring sunset

down, down, all the way down

they've brought in a big crane for the last of the take down

16 November 2010

good news for alabama street

designed by w. l. stoddart, who also designed the ga. terrace and the ponce apts., was begun in 1916, but construction was interrupted by world war i and not resumed after the war --- in 1995 an additional ten stories were constructed and it was re-opened as a hotel, which didn't last long --- then it was eaten by ga. state, which has now burped it back up again, to be reborn as a comfort suites hotel --- a first for south of the tracks and something that will get a lot of use from visitors to the various agencies in the federal center, just a block to the west ---

14 November 2010

13 November 2010

more damn trees and shrubberies

what can i say? it's fall and the gaudy colors are everywhere ---

only a few of the early 20th century water oaks left around the lake --- they can be handsome trees --- notice one of the few 1960s light standards left in the park
the euonymous alatus that d.o.t. planted all over is just about the reddest thing available right now ---

12 November 2010

a thought

"As we all occasionally forget, it's important to remember that all of the Social Security reform talk is about letting rich people steal from the Social Security trust fund."

kitty, kitty, kitty

cats do not slurp like a dog ---

don't you love the things people spend their time trying to figure out?

uncluttering the viewshed

both radio towers are coming down, not just the big one ---

11 November 2010

veterans' day

 i got an ancestor or two that participated in the revolution and another couple in the war of 1812 --- some in the war against northern aggression, one of whom is buried at vicksburg --- just as many avoided the whole thing if they could ---

my maternal grandpa was stationed in puerto rico in 1918 , but my grandpa jones was in france, amid mustard gas and unending trench warfare (that's him at extreme left)--- stroked out in his old age, he use to sing to me when i was a kid, "on top of old smokey," with which he tried to relay some memory of a comrade in a watchtower in france, singing that song for some unexplained reason that might or might not have included drunkeness---

this photo was taken toward the end of that "great war," "the war to end all wars" ---

only it wasn't --- here's paw paw in 1943 before shipping out to the south pacific --- saipan and tinian being the high points of his tour of duty ---

i'll save the rest for memorial day

fall light

a fine afternoon to inspect natural resources at the river and rottenwood creek --- or anywhere for that matter --- enjoy it now --- next week it is supposed to rain all week, after which there will be a lot more bare trees, and the weather itself will get progressively more dank and dismal in order to have us in the right mood for the upcoming holiday season

10 November 2010

city night

the belt line

a great presentation by the guy behind what may be a major transformation of the city --- at least over the long run

09 November 2010

frieda cat (1996 - 2010)

we will miss her, from a flea-bitten orphan to a fat baby girl cat to the last princess of sinclair ---

07 November 2010

it's been fall all day today

 first freezing temperatures this morning for a lot of north georgia but just missed here in town ---