31 December 2012

the big picture

a new view of deep space, nearly to the dawn of time

myrtle street

dog and i walk myrtle street sometimes --- some really great architecture from the first couple of decades of the twentieth century --- some of the best four-squares in the city --- along with some of the more dreadful remodelings from the last quarter of the last century

30 December 2012

really, what's not to love?

thnx robt

remaking northeast atlanner

the allée of bald cypress on the Beltline between monroe drive and virginia avenue ought to be purty fine in a few years --- likewise, the oaks and long-leaf pine and magnolias of all sorts ---

29 December 2012

winter color

 the cattleya robt gave me is excellent as it opens up today!

27 December 2012


on the third day of xmas
i said bye to my company

and planted narcissus

25 December 2012

what's today?

a gray day with ghosts of xmas past lurking around the edges ---
a new addition is the cattleya just showing some color in the foreground here --- ought to be purty wonderful when it finally gets opened up  ---
this sweet little pair of oncydia is likewise a new addition to the conservatory

thnx robt

24 December 2012

xmas eve

dinner at gilbert's with robert and fog rolling in

xmas eve sunset

christmas eve orchidacaea

the first spray of five blossoms opened december 1-2 --- now another spray is opening --- love the color when they are first opening ---

ghosts of christmas eve past

xmas eve at g'ma hart's was one of my favorite things
ma working her butt off getting it done --- one xmas eve, on a hurried trip for oranges (a must-have at xmas!), she ran the car over a sidewalk median in the parking lot --- black eye for her, knot on my head, and a totaled car ---

23 December 2012

29 peachtree place

it's no architectural gem, but it does add to the diminishing diversity of the neighborhood's residential building stock --- a fire, apparently caused by a space heater, burned the unit at the rear and displaced people from six units --- it will probably give the owner an excuse to tear the building down

22 December 2012

winter solstice recap

the apocalypse did not occur
an excellent soiree ---

although they drank an inordinate amount of gin

me and dog been all wo' out today

20 December 2012

abg lights

holiday #2

cah came to town
good rain
then it cleared off

19 December 2012

wasting midtown

novare is destroying another bit of historic midtown, in spite of their statement in 2006: "marrying old Atlanta and new, the project includes an historic Neel Reid building that will be preserved, converted into luxury residences and incorporated into the new development."
 located at 109 7th street between peachtree and juniper it sat next to an excellent craftsman-style apartment building which novare demolished as t hey built viewpoint --- both buildings were in fine condition and had been fully occupied when these images were taken in march 2006 ---

fine corporate citizens, yessiree
meanwhile, the not-a-big-developer who owns 121 8th street just spent a whole bunch completely rehabbing it and it's fully occupied --- and the old apartment bldg next door at 8th and juniper has long been condos with a conservation easement on the facade -- it's nice to know a few old buildings will be here a few years longer

18 December 2012

17 December 2012

16 December 2012

gotta love this weather

i need more of them

15 December 2012

atl bot gdn redux

 the camellia sasanqua are wonderful --- there were some japonica blooming too
xoxoxo to ms. kidd


"The first response to mass shootings usually has to do with gun control. With the country awash in handguns — 300 million by one estimate — it's not clear if guns can be controlled any longer. The National Rifle Association and other gun lobbyists can take great pride: they've brought gun ownership within reach of every psycho and wing nut with a crazed rage to kill." hartford courant

usa! usa! usa!

14 December 2012


the atl bot gdn light show rocks except it's getting real crowded --- dusk is a great time to see the lights, before the infestation of urchins gets too bad