31 October 2015

30 October 2015

keeping time

i love my radio-controlled kitchen clock, even if it's not always accurate around the shift into or out of daylight savings time --- sometimes it's been three weeks before it made the transition --- this year it did it two days early

reconstructing midtown

ten large construction cranes in this image ----

29 October 2015

vision update

another trip to the eye doctor --- he gave up and told me i can quit all the eyedrops, for the first time in over three months --- yay --- the eyesight may never be quite as good as it was, but i can work without glasses, so that'll do

meanwhile, for the first time, the oncidium twins, sidney and thurmond, are both in bloom --- lotta little aliens floating around up there

25 October 2015

24 October 2015

21 October 2015

wednesday night gardening

after another productive day at the typewriter, it was a fine evening for a stroll through the atl bot gdn with robt --- i still think they're building too much, but whatever . . .

20 October 2015


finally got thru the writer's block or whatever it was and churned out 500 words today --- it's a start

18 October 2015

fall on the belt line

walked over to little five points yesterday via the belt line --- i'm loving the art, especially the stainless steel leaves along one stretch of hillside --- the sasanqua, asters, goldenrod, and the rest of the blooming weeds are excellent right now

as it turned out there were great throngs of people at L5P, but the 15th annual halloween parade was a little on the lame side

13 October 2015

11 October 2015

atl pride 2015

a fine weekend to celebrate the homosexual agenda ---

06 October 2015


i'm glad my two best friends are friends, even after she wielded the clippers against all that hair --- twice now --- the haircut went a lot easier this time

met gayry and his man at atl bot gdn for lecture by dr peter raven, "saving plants, saving ourselves" --- it wound up being quite an excellent rant against the stupidity of those who still deny the facts of science and climate change --- i would imagine that a few in the audience were somewhat taken aback

in preparation for atlanta's misplaced gay pride event (it should be in june, as it was for decades, on the anniversary of the stonewall riots), the spire went all out with rainbow colors the length of its thing --- one of the skyhouses is done up in lavender on top


 i have failed the small cattleyas and the zygopetalum --- they are all blooming just enough to remind me of what coulda been if i had paid better attention to their little potted needs

fall light

 a great sunrise this morning --- fall mornings are the best ---