30 October 2017

sweet gem of a building

robert wanted to go to the Mutter Museum, which we did --- the garden of medicinal herbs was good, but after 5 minutes of skulls and body parts, i had to leave --- but across the street at 32 s. 22nd street was one of the more wonderful buildings i've seen --- St. Anthony Club, built for Delta Psi fraternity at Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1888 --- the google turned up a rendering of the building published in american architect and building news, 21 march 1896, and a photograph from 1907 --- the exterior appears to have been very little altered, but the interior was probably gutted when it was turned into three condominiums earlier this century ---

the building was designed by Wilson Eyre Jr (1858-1944), a prominent Philadelphia architect, teacher, and writer --- he also supervised installation of Whistler's "peacock room" in Charles Lang Freer's Detroit home in 1904 and designed the basin and water jets for Alexander Stirling Calder's 1924 sculpture at Logan Square in Philadelphia ---

we couldn't get or see inside but i snagged these images from real-estate ads --- a lot has been lost, but the mantels are there --- and the most excellent balcony, with first unitarian church, the rush medicinal herb garden, the mutter, and a contemporaneous house next door in the foreground of the viewshed --- the balcony has clearly not been appreciated of late, given that the realtor posted a photo of its interior, decorated only by the big plastic recycling bin

29 October 2017

gee, but it's great to be back home .....

it was an excellent few days with robt in philadelphia, but it's great to be back to my construction cranes and my view and the dog and that crazy cat --- according to the fitbit, my feet tracked 40.79 miles in 93,929 steps thurs thru sunday -- we coulda covered more territory if we hadn't had to stop and look at all that stuff, but then that was the point of the trip

25 October 2017


the weather finally changed to fall --- clear, cool air ---

22 October 2017


it was an excellent afternoon at the little five points halloween parade, escorting the inestimable queen of L5P --- purty great not being packed along a sidewalk for a change ---

one of fulton's finest

das me

20 October 2017

scarecrow garden

a spur-of-the-moment excursion to the botanical garden yester evening --- great weather

18 October 2017

rocks and the river

Hendersonville NC "Rocks"/HVL NC Rocks on facebook, from douglet's friend, returned to its natural habitat

16 October 2017

rock and roll!

perhaps the most awesome performance in all of rock and roll, but that may be cause i just watched it --- still it's purty great

15 October 2017

pride 2017 -- sunday

a great afternoon with the guys --- 

and of course it wouldn't be pride without the goddamn christianists [sic] and their megaphones

14 October 2017