19 February 2021


second shot of pfizer vaccine is in my arm — i told the big guy from the sandy springs fire dept that gave it to me not to break the needle off in my arm and he told me about taking a shot one time that went to the bone — eek

it'll take a couple of weeks to fully kick in, but even after the first dose, i was already enjoying a sharp reduction in existential dread — nearly a half million dead in this country, and the toll is still growing, with many of those deaths the direct result of the incompetence and rigid ideology of the previous administration — ever since reagan and his stupid "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem" nonsense, a good portion of the country has bought into the republicans' decades-long demonization of government — this pandemic and the big old mess in frozen-up texas right now is proving again why we have to work together, and why gummint, whatever its faults, is the most efficient way to do that

10 February 2021

kerron hoppock

i have spent a few hours memoralizing one of my grandmother's aunts, kerron hoppock lee (1860-1938) --- the name has popped up in historical research, and i've been wondering how they could all be related to my aunt --- they weren't --- just as they are killing off aunt jemima, i discover that jemima, keziah, and kerenhappuch were the beautiful daughters of job that he had after the lord god jehovah ruined his life --- william blake got off on the story --- 

06 February 2021

benefits of exiting trumpistan

i have not needed one of these little units since 20 january 2021 --- the ten-plus weeks of nonsense between the election and inauguration worked my nerves and required a pill or two --- 

who was john lee?

when my great-aunt ruby lee died way last century some time, i inherited a whole bunch of photographs --- there were tintypes of the family that she couldn't identify and a pile of snapshot from when she got her first camera in 1920 --- and in between group portraits of her aunts and uncles and what not, and a dead baby or two --- this photograph purports to be my great-great-grandfather john lee (1792-1865), who is buried in a little family cemetery off washington road in southwestern east point --- i didn't know it at the time, but we lived in the first house in the first suburban development of his old farm in the late 1950s --- 3701 chesapeake way

i've memorialized his family and that part of the world here ---