30 August 2012

29 August 2012


 it is a very large storm, as they often are, at least in terms of cloud cover --- we get a little band now and then --- but a lot of miserable people and critters down on the coast


 a long weekend begun
 the hyatt is already barricading itself for dragon'con --- looks like it might be the great free-for-all through the hotels this year
 it's also black gay pride this weekend --- which only adds to the fun --- their sunday in the park is generally quite watchable
weather channel pics remind us not to fergit the animals and everybody else getting rained on and blown around and having to evacuate their homes right now down along the gulf

28 August 2012

tampa welcomes the oligarchy

at least it's not raining

27 August 2012


the escalator at the south end of the peachtree center marta station has been off line for two or three years  --- it is now operational again --- it's the longest one in the system, descending over 100' --- this was one of the stations where the tile was originally installed with lines parallel to the descent of the stairs, and everybody was getting sick --- moved it to horizonal, and no more or not as much throw up

26 August 2012

living walls 2012, redux

i think we found the last ones today --- some of them are not easy to find, and even when you do, you may not have the best view
this unit by miso is on lee street and is one of my favorites

one of those "it-that-it?" walls that sorta grows on you if you stop and look --- technically it's not even a wall
deckner at stewart

the urban wilderness

some of the city's great industrial architecture is on murphy avenue, most of it built between 1900 and 1950, when the avenue was one of the great industrial corridors in the city --- it is an urban wasteland today, at least at the north end

the great mid-century unit on the right, with its double clerestories and wonderful streamline modern entrance, is "available," i.e., fer sale ---
it still has its original (if a little busted up) front door with its own original hardware
one of the few signs of life on the avenue

25 August 2012

life on the balcony

this little unit is showing off two-story blossoms that are like nothing i've seen before
dog tired

23 August 2012

living walls on death row

this is one of the 2012 living walls, sawtell ave at mcdonough blvd --- it's on what little remains of the old chevrolet plant, facing the atlanta pen --- the church across the street has apparently deemed it salacious, mostly because of the depiction of pubic hair, i think, since there is nothing the least bit salacious about it --- so, bowing to religious pressure, the city will be painting it out

21 August 2012

almost seven weeks that cattleya has been open --- the late-summer sun hits it right

19 August 2012

folding up the weekend

touring with the guinnett hound, the 70s and rain for happy hour --- most plush for august!

living walls mania

one of the more ambitious of the living walls this year --- both sides of center stage
 east atl village

almost finished
 this one is from 2010 --- too bad the crappy masonry is beginning to show
 east atlanta village
 this one in kirkwood may not last a year --- a sleek new development is slated for the site
 whitefoord underpass
arizona avenue
the afternoon's bicycle tour of living walls, 203 in all, they told us --- at the rocky ford underpass

18 August 2012

living walls 2012

the masking tape is still on this one
the woman was working on this one thursday night

"art house"

part of the living walls conference, covering up an abandoned house in reynoldstown