31 August 2011

busting the bank

the vault doesn't wanna go ---


#1 in health care spending; #41 in infant mortality

but just thank god that we don't have socialized medicine ---

29 August 2011


they're replacing the water line along juniper, using a great assortment of heavy machinery, including the cutest little compactor that i have ever seen

26 August 2011

downtown, south of the tracks

elevate: art above underground --- made for a festive evening on alabama street

25 August 2011

miscellaneous notes

so they tear down all the brick commercial structures, rebuild in concrete and glass . . . and then install fake brick as part of the interior decor of the fancy new dead-cow restaurant ---
gidewon's nightclub that some people have fought tooth and nail appears to be subdividing --- new signs going up at the north end, where the lobby features lions painted on the walls --- the south end has sorta opened with a knighty sorta theme, "reign"
i guess they think that campanile will look more normal or something, if it doesn't have its crazy-80s green-glass top === maybe they oughta paint it white

24 August 2011

another loss

a real shame to lose this, an old c&s bank way on down moreland avenue --- wonderful series of circular spaces, all elevated and stepping up one from the other ---- in the center were three dawn redwood with a ground cover of river rock ----

23 August 2011


a 5.8 in virginny and d.c. --- but we didn't feel it in atlanner --- at least i didn't --- some people say they did, but . . . .

charleston, august 1886, maybe as big as a 7.3, knocked down chimneys in atlanner --- that was a real earthquake ---

or the new madrid quakes in 1811-1813, which might have been an 8.0 or higher --- either way, i'm not sure that my reinforced cement building is necessarily the place to be should we experience terrestrial instability

21 August 2011


no rain, but the light was nice

why we have palm trees in atlanner now . . .

new construction!

they cut down all the street trees and started digging it all up for a new hotel at 10th and williams

kitty, kitty, box

20 August 2011

late summer green

remodeling midtown

looks like they're removing campanile's top --- that after cutting down half of the 25 yr old gingko trees last year --- somebody decided it needed an "update" i guess ---

19 August 2011

falafel watch

renovations for cafe agora are going on --- they've divided the space at the front of the block, with margaret apparently keeping the north half for now at least --- some of the old unglazed, black-and-white ceramic tile floor has been uncovered --- the restaurant entrance will be at the original angled entrance at the corner for the a&p when it was built in 1923 or so ===

17 August 2011

simple pleasures

next to the critters, i miss my view the most when i'm traveling

the guys

the best thing about traveling is coming home to guinness and dexter

lose the whales, gain a crocodile

concordia hall at forsyth and mitchell has a new look --- thnx to beth for the image

14 August 2011

old buildings

i found my photographs of the yellow river post office that i took in 1998 --- before gwinnett county moved it and buggered it up --- more here 

12 August 2011

more old buildings

one of the two or three oldest structures left in west end, the hammonds house --- built in 1872, remodeled in the early 1880s, over-restored in the early 1980s ---

11 August 2011

08 August 2011

riots in uk and israel

mad as hell and not taking it anymore --- when will it happen here?

remodeling midtown

they finished closing up the back side of viewpoint, so that it's no longer readily apparent that there are about 10 floors of parking beneath the building --- and they've torn out the front of the entrance to the p'tree lofts, and it looks like they're creating a recessed entrance and will lose the weird awning


630 pts, 5.55% in one day --- repeating 1937 all over again --- let's hope we don't have to repeat ww2 all over again to get out of this mess ----

dog in repose

07 August 2011

the wilds of jackson county, cont'd.

there is stuff everywhere at sheilds-etheridge --- wonderful stuff, but overall a curatorial nightmare