31 October 2013

scarecrows in the garden

a fine evening for the last opportunity for wine in the garden ---  thanks mary and robert

30 October 2013

hall refresh redux

from rather bland, textured, tannish wallpaper, we go to rather bland, textured, gray wallpaper --- the new carpet will be crucial

grant's park

me and the dog took a two-mile or so loop around grant park today, which we haven't done in a long time --- (my grandma always called it "grant's park," since when she came along when it was still known as the park col. grant donated to the city in 1882 --- i like that park since the topography hasn't been so thoroughly reworked as it has at piedmont park --- there's a whole lot of construction activity on the east side of the zoo, where' they're building a new snake pit, or "reptile house" as they call it --- the afternoon gave dog the opportunity to, among other things, rub his head in horse dung when i wasn't looking

the orchidaceae

i just divided this oncydium a couple or three months ago and it is already blooming again --- hope the other half will do as well

28 October 2013

tanyard creek

dog and i walked the tanyard creek trail today --- technically a part of the beltline trail although it has nothing to do with railroads except at its southern end which passes under the old railroad trestle for the part of the beltline that runs just north of piedmont hospital ---
i was somewhat disturbed by the rather bluish murkiness of the water in some places --- reminded me of the río quibú at havana's school of the arts in 2002
this looked suspiciously like a beaver dam, although i didn't see beaver --- but i did see muskrat at work (note that they are not really rats at all)

the northern end of the trail ends at Colonial Homes, bordering the Bobby Jones golf course on the way --- the course is built on what was surely once great farmland in the floodplain on both sides of Tanyard Creek

at two spots there are great stands of loblolly pines, both despoiled by playground equipment, although it makes sense to put them there since pine oil is such a good disinfectant

27 October 2013

color on the belt line

pre-halloween hoo-ha

 the elevators, the building, and the streets were a mess last night with what must have been a gazillion parties going on --- dog was concerned with all the irregularly dressed humans, he having an eye for that sort of thing

26 October 2013

dex, intense

purty good sunset this evening

northeast belt line

i didn't know that the tracks haven't been removed north of montgomery ferry road ---
switching tracks
crossing the old northeast expressway, with the bridge under i-85 beyond

view from the north side of the marta line --- the belt line junction with the amtrak line

a place in the country --- with ansley mall a few hundred yards a away --- clear creek, complete with a herd of ducks
4 miles is a long way for stumpy

25 October 2013

remodeling midtown

scaffolding is going up for a complete remodeling of the ground floor of viewpoint, barely six years after it was built

i also saw proposal for a 12-story residential building on southwest corner of fifth and peacthree --- there's a lot going on