15 March 2021


seven years ago i commenced a most excellent project, a history of sautee nacoochee, coochee for short, commissioned by a wonderful community association that is trying to preserve one of the more beautiful places in the state — i had been wanting to write a history of a place literally from the ground up and had started the idea with midtown atlanta, but it got too complicated and i quit — these valleys in white county on the other hand . . . . they've gotten way more than they were expecting, and i made about a dollar an hour by the time it was done—but it's 130,000 words that i got off on writing and of which i am really quite proud 

it's not done, maybe, probably, since i'm not sure that they will follow through with their threat to publish it, but if they do i stand ready to endure a little more aggravation from my garrulous, overbearing editrix, but not much —

thank you chris brooks and judy barber for making it all possible in the first place