31 December 2009

new years eve

all fogged in

21 December 2009

¡hurra por los gays

MEXICO CITY — Mexico City lawmakers on Monday made the city the first in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, a change that will give homosexual couples more rights, including allowing them to adopt children.


saw barrington hall and smith plantation today for the first time---interesting architecture but covered up with christmas doo-dah---typical tour guides that you just wished would shut up and let you walk around and look, which i did, which they didn't like---thnx cathi

winter solstice 2009

20 December 2009

vas genitch den liebenhauser?

the holiday spirit , continued

it is very cruel the way we treat our animals

thnx mr. wood

18 December 2009


finishing touches now --- they were finishing installation of the organ when i was there --- and the neon sign is back up out front

american philistines

saddam hussein built a giant palace at the ruins of ancient babylon, but did relatively little damage --- not so, our army who 

flattened a large area for "hard standing" for heavy vehicles and  helicopters which themselves caused considerable damage both to the underlying site structure and to some standing buildings. Worse still, a helicoptor landing zone led to the destruction and removal of the ziggurat debris left by alexander's troops and hephaestion's funeral pyre, both of immense archeological importance. Tanks and heavy vehcicles ere also driven along the processional way, destroying forever the well-preserved street surface on which nebuchadnezzar, dariuis, and alexander had once walked and whose bricks preserved their names.
the army knew what it was doing, but just didn't see what the problem was until it was too late --- this is kinda old news but it still makes me sick to read about it

swiftboating acorn

acorn has been vindicated, but not before their reputation has been thoroughly trashed --- meanwhile the court issued an injunction against enforcement of the law passed by congress denying them funding --- the law will surely be declared unconstitutional as a bill of attainder

silent monks do the hallelujah course

14 December 2009

lieberman [expletive deleted]

that sure was a friendly move of Joe Lieberman yesterday, on dance-y silver monster David Gregory’s Meet The Press, to go back on his pledge to support the Medicare buy-in proposal without telling the Senate leadership first
you just gotta despise lie-berman --- have you ever googled "lieberman" and "turd"? exactly 491,000 results, which of course doesn't prove a damn thing, but still . . . .

13 December 2009

neptune and triton


four years ago today, i moved --- it was an excellent change

texas surprises

houston has elected an openly lesbyterian mayor---

11 December 2009

allocating resources

so two miles north from fayetteville and the nearest sidewalk, surrounded by mostly fields and woods, they have installed handicapped-accessible curb cuts and pedestrian walk lights on all four corners of the intersection of hwy. 314 and kenwood road --- i don't think i've ever seen anybody on foot around there, unless they've run out of gas or something --- "dumb" is all i can say

eat it

The question is, if we don't say no to this, what do we say no to? If we don't say no to something that systematically abuses 50 billion animals, if we don't say no to the number-one cause of global warming, and not by a little bit, but by a lot, if we don't say no to what the UN has said is one of the top two or three causes of every significant environmental problem in the world, locally and globally, if we don't say no to something that is clearly - not clear to me, but clear to the World Health Organization - a prime factor in the generation of Avian and Swine flus, if we don't say no to something that's making our antibiotics less effective and ineffective, if we don't say no to something that causes 76 million of food-borne illness every year, just what do we say no to? This is not a case where we need to go to war with another country or spend a trillion dollars or elect a new government. We just need to say no to it.

blooming things

i've never had an aloe to bloom, but this one sure is blooming ---- it's a newer, more sun-tolerant variety that was out on the balcony all summer ---

09 December 2009

zombie freeways

The AJC’s Ariel Hart sends a shiver down our spines this morning, reminding us that a proposed toll tunnel under east Atlanta — an underground road that’s similar to what GOP gubernatorial hopeful John Oxendine discussed earlier this year — is still very much a possibility.
he's right, too, given the overall retardedness of our legislature --- if they do push forward with that, the whole process ought to generate some truly awesome public meetings --- in any case, no matter the design, it would be a colossal waste of money that could have been better spent a gazillion other ways


Fulton County election officials say a recount of votes in the Dec. 1 Atlanta mayoral election show Reed beat opponent Mary Norwood by 714 votes. Reed received 42,549 votes while Norwood received 41,835.

remembering good government

here's a fascinating take on the health-care brouhaha, reflecting on the country's efforts to control food costs a hundred years ago----

None of this is as satisfying as a master plan. But there can’t be a master plan. That’s a crucial lesson of our agricultural experience. And there’s another: with problems that don’t have technical solutions, the struggle never ends. . . . Getting our medical communities, town by town, to improve care and control costs isn’t a task that we’ve asked government to take on before. But we have no choice. At this point, we can’t afford any illusions: the system won’t fix itself, and there’s no piece of legislation that will have all the answers, either. The task will require dedicated and talented people in government agencies and in communities who recognize that the country’s future depends on their sidestepping the ideological battles, encouraging local change, and following the results. But if we’re willing to accept an arduous, messy, and continuous process we can come to grips with a problem even of this immensity. We’ve done it before.

06 December 2009

the joys of air travel

one of them is not sitting next to a fat ass --- but this is just unbelievable

01 December 2009

watching a train wreck

i've been checking this guy's blog (charles johnson's little green footballs) off and on for two or three years, less so in the beginning when he seemed just like any other raving-right blog, only extra muslin-hating, in 2007 --- but then he began posting more and more that went counter to the orthodox rightist blogosphere in particular --- now there's been a huge hoo-ha in some quarters over his post yesterday of ten reasons he's "parted ways with the right"---- which he concluded with this:

"And much, much more. The American right wing has gone off the rails, into the bushes, and off the cliff. I won’t be going over the cliff with them."