29 May 2016

changing seasons

this time of year, the balcony is shady until late afternoon, so luxury is a breezy sunday morning out there with dex and the dog ---

afternoon, robt and i took the martha train to decatur to look at their arts festival, which was purty dull and white bread and all --- the best part was the train ride and lunch at colbeh, a neo-persian restaurant on the square

but then i spent an hour or so wandering around the park listening to the music (jazz festival 2016) and enjoying the mellow vibe ---

too much fun for one day

28 May 2016

keeping up the pace.....

it's hard to maintain the walking pace i did in nyc, mainly because of the amount of time involved --- but i did learn something of what i could do, so i left dog at home this morning and walked over to the carter center farmers market, via the belt line and ponce city market, then back home along n. highland and virginia avenues --- around 6 miles in 2 hrs, including dawdling at the carter center

27 May 2016

extending the holiday . . . .

my mind has only just got home from new york, what with winding down the sensory overload and sorting through the 800 or so images i took while i was there --- 

now i'm catching up

newness from the miltonian alliance 

24 May 2016

musea redux

i walked from 145th st to 103rd and the museum of the city of new york --- the tiffany and what not in the "gilded new york" exhibit was fine, especially this orchid brooch

mainly wanted to see "picturing prestige: new york portraits, 1700–1860" --- give it 4 stars

i meant to see cooper hewitt but opted for natural history instead, which was probably a mistake, but i needed to see the dinosaurs

and dog's earliest ancestor

new york, errata


 housed in a freight elevator in tribeca --- it's really worth finding