30 March 2009


wisteria and dogwood blooming all over

28 March 2009

space rocks

the black rock there is one of 280 fragments retrieved in the nubian desert---the first fragments of a known asteroid ever seen


maybe the torture enablers won't get away with it after all----spain's national security court has just launched a legal complaint against several bush underlings---

23 March 2009


Yet another unintended side effect of the web has been the birth of the Internet lynch mob. Now, everything from child abuse to bad customer service can get the online masses whipped into a frenzy of Old Testament-style vengeance.

my personal favorite in the link, "8 awesome cases of internet vigilantism," is #6 "dog shit girl"---especially after somebody left dog shit in the elevator lobby on my floor yesterday---second time---i taped an angry note to the wall, which generated a couple of more concurring opinions---what is with these people?

fear if not conscience

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo of New York announced late Monday afternoon that 9 of the top 10 bonus recipients at the American International Group had given back their bonuses.

tour buses at their homes and mobs with pitchforks make an impression i think

22 March 2009

poplars and the driving club

the driving club is just abuilding away---besides the parking deck hidden behind the trees at left, there's a huge building going up between the existing building and the conservatory at the botanical gardne, where they had some basketball courts and a very crappy looking hillside before----

the mockingbird

21 March 2009

shakespeare not

you can't believe nothing anymore

it's not him


it's still winter, dammit, with the red oaks, but the poplars are showing some green and another week or so and the dogwood should be in full bloom----forsythia, carolina jasmine, phlox all guady pink---the cherries defy description

guinness taking some rays

19 March 2009

dex likes high places

sometimes he'll get the front half of his body out there, with his paws right on the edge---he can't get through the railing anymore, like when he was a kitten and went through the railing on the other side and out onto the ledge outside my bedroom window


in addition to the phalaenopses (is that the plural of phalaenopsis, cathi?), one of which is gorgeous and the other budding its way towards gorgeous, the maxillaria tenuifolia decided to bloom as well---the best thing about it, since the blossoms aren't all that, is the smell . . . of coconuts, which fills my office now

14 March 2009

obamania in dixie

the retarded south

favorable/unfavorable/no opinion

SOUTH 43 49 8
MIDWEST 74 22 4
WEST 76 19 5

13 March 2009

12 March 2009

can i live in it, please?

villa martel in paris --- 1927 by Robert Mallet-Stevens (1885-1945) --- featured in modernism magazine---he designed rue mallet-stevens down to the streetlights ---his villa has the circular tower at center---

thnx robert

moving stuff

this poor schmuck was trying to get his load across juniper and up the hill, in a grocery buggy way past loaded, which he was pushing backwards and, thus, unable to easily get it to go where he wanted it to go---loaded down with i don't know what all but topped off with a pair of cast-iron grates, each at least three feet long and half as wide and an inch thick, like those that cover the street tree planting on peachtree---on top of it all was an old window unit air-conditioner ---i didn't get a picture of the guy in a small pickup i saw the other day stopped on the downtown connector to re-secure what had to have been thirty-foot-lengths of aluminum guttering strapped to the rear--- when it comes to transportation, one does what one has to do, i guess, but it can be scary to watch

companies that won't survive?

this piece suggests fifteen companies that may not make it to the end of the year---six flags, blockbuster, and krispy kreme?? what would atlanner be without the stench of doughnuts at ponce and argonne?

Six Flags. (SIX; about 30,000 employees; stock down 84%). This theme-park operator has been losing money for several years, and selling off properties to try to pay down debt and get back into the black. But the ride may end prematurely. Moody’s expects cash flow to be negative in 2009, and if consumers aren’t spending during the peak summer season, that could imperil the company’s ability to pay debts coming due later this year and in 2010.

11 March 2009


i can't believe that goldstar cafe has closed, but the windows are papered over and the telephone has been disconnected----that's the breakfast place if you don't feel like being elegant and don't want to stand on the sidewalk in front of the flying biscuit for an hour waiting on a table---now i'll have to take the train to the waffle house at five points for two scrambled eggs and toast----this is bad

09 March 2009

spring flowers

great images

wow---root around at this site---good stuff


Corn, which covers 125,000 square miles of America -- about the size of New Mexico -- fattens 100 million beef cattle and at least that many bipeds. Much of the river of cheap corn becomes an ocean of high-fructose corn syrup, which by 1984 was sweetening Coke and Pepsi. Disposing of the corn also requires passing it through animals' stomachs. Corn, together with pharmaceuticals and other chemicals -- a Pollan axiom: "You are what what you eat eats, too" -- has made it profitable to fatten cattle on feedlots rather than grass, cutting by up to 75 percent the time from birth to slaughter. Eating corn nourished by petroleum-based fertilizers, a beef cow consumes almost a barrel of oil in its lifetime.
unless you are a strict-hippy, locavore vegetarian, everyone should read the omnivore's dilemma ---it is required that you do that---although the above is actually george will of all people---just goes to show you

there once were no cameras

this is thought to be the only portrait of shakespeare painted while he was alive---

it's always nice to know what somebody looks like

right wing madness

andrew sullivan quotes a voice from the far right:

"Here’s where we began talking about another possibility: that Team Obama was deliberately targeting the U.S. economy, deliberately impoverishing millions of Americans, deliberately angering our closest allies while coddling dictators like Putin and his puppet Medvedev and funneling millions to terrorist organizations like Hamas. Maybe that young person the financial journalist Jim Cramer spoke to was right and “We’ve elected elected a Leninist” whose “agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans”? ... What we need now is some clever legal talent to show how deliberately sabotaging the United States economy counts as Treason, a high Crime, or at least a Misdemeanor. Any takers?" - Roger Kimball.
you really should follow the link and read kimball's whole rant---many of our fellow human beings are frighteningly misguided---and sullivan's reply?
Obama's predecessor secretly invoked the power to suspend the First and Fourth Amendments for seven years, authorized the seizure and torture of American citizens, launched two decade-long wars of attrition, doubled the national debt, presided over the worst financial bubble since the 1930s, provided the weakest level of economic growth in decades, and left the US in the grip of the steepest depression since the 1930s. But after five weeks, it's Obama who should be impeached? Ooookaaaay.

03 March 2009


coming soon!!

this sign is new at the spire, and the first if it actually opens ---another fancy-shmancy kitchen place, this one is even eye-talian---they just opened what looks like a similar establishment up near fifth street but then this one is "the new evolution," so what do i know---anyway i was hoping for a pawn shop or a liqour store or a dirty book store, you know, something that would bring some life to the street

02 March 2009


it is wicked to ask so much of a dog

thx robt

water water everywhere

maybe at least we won't die of thirst this summer----still thirteen or fourteen feet low, but . . . .

da vinci

a newly discovered self-portrait as a young man extracted from his "codex on the flight of birds"---not yet the grumpy old man

01 March 2009


100 meter-wide image shot from the same point in berlin in 2007---check out the scroll

view from the twentieth floor

that would be cousin robert's floor---

thunder snow!

maybe not an actual blizzard but a good storm anyway---

snow in midtown

and dexter is transfixed

waiting on the snow