30 June 2013

gorgeous evening for the garden --- low 80s, low humidity --- yum

peachtree nightlife

friday and saturday nights can make peachtree at the 12th & midtown development seem like a real city street --- stores, restaurants, clubs and bars all open late and people milling around

29 June 2013

the atlanta freedom band playing at the piedmont park farmers mkt gave it all a festive air

out to east palisades this afternoon, and the shrooms were great but the trails were badly eroded, there were no trash cans even at the parking lot, and the overlook that was our destination was almost totally obscured by overgrown trees --- all of which are benefits of the nation's obsession with low taxes

26 June 2013


nevertheless, michelle bachman is awesome in every way ---- catch her around 17:00 in the vid below

a judicial landmark

"The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity." 

that's justice kennedy from the majority opinion overturning the so-called "defense of marriage act" (doma)

well, no shit --- that was clear when they passed the goddam thing in 1996 --- it was the opening round in the republicans effort to gay bait their way to electoral victories ---  doma was one of the great travesties that this congress has foisted upon the land --- well, now, fuk the christianists and their fellow travelers and their efforts to establish a theocracy in this county --- and, no, that is not an indictment of christians in general, but only of a nasty little subset that has caused untold pain and heartache for a very long time

23 June 2013

sunday chores

vacuumed the house, washed the dog, emptied out the temporary storage (and busted up some framed prints that fell off the car on tenth street), got groceries, and finishing up the laundry --- i don't think i will do anything else productive today

22 June 2013

super moon!

tequila and moonbeams tonight after a day dealing with some of the last of jcniris' stuff

21 June 2013

good eats in brookwood

at salt yard with the 106 gang's monthly conclave

20 June 2013

out with the guys

a great start to a long weekend

turning the wheel

the decision to "retire" has totally brought me out of the deep funk in which i have resided for the last year or more --- i catch myself humming and what not again (which everybody else probably hates) and not dreading to get out of bed and go into the office ---  the scare quotes up there are because i think "retirement" is a bogus concept, at least it is for me, but it's easier to say that than try to explain the myriad of reasons behind it all --- i remain amped up for the future

17 June 2013

monsoon season

rainfall in june is already double the average ----- and it's pouring again

16 June 2013

father's day

i'm so glad that i can remember jc and not be pissed off --- and i think he left this world maybe not pissed off at me either --- neither of us ever figured out why we never got along, but we both learned the wisdom of "let go or be dragged" i guess

14 June 2013


the blossoms on this second tier are larger than those on the first

morning in the kitchen

cole slaw and tuber salad --- some friends just had twins and this is part of their dinner for tonight ---

13 June 2013

big weather

 long squall line rolled across the area --- i think i know the inspiration for the giant space ship in independence day

12 June 2013

cheap thrills

the best reaction to my retirement announcement: "well.  I am not sure if I am more shocked by your departing, or that you are 64!"

11 June 2013

ermahgerd! he quit!

i tendered my resignation from nps today, effective sept 30 --- i've wretched over this decision for several months now, having been purty much over the job for longer than that --- i feel very very lucky to have worked there, but it is time to move on ---

i will continue to research, crawl around old buildings, and write --- just not necessarily for nps.

although i feel really lucky to have worked there, now, having made the decision to leave, i feel like a pall has lifted from my life ---

10 June 2013

rebuilding p'tree

i'm glad something is getting built on the block, but i'm not sure this is a good trade-off for the old bank building they knocked down a few years ago

09 June 2013

rainy sunday

i will almost never complain about a rainy sunday afternoon

08 June 2013

saturday at the cemetery

there was a benefit for oakland cemetery this afternoon, with music, food trucks, and beer, but way too little of any of it for the many many people that showed up ---
still it was a beautiful day to be at oakland