17 December 2018

it's a dog's life

i gave gulliver some sunshine today, which he enjoyed --- 10 yrs old, identified as a Saint Bernard / Welsh Corgi, Cardigan mix, which may or may not be just somebody's edumacated guess

somebody has already walked czar, so i just said hey to him, but told him he got his picture in the paper as the ajc's "atl humane society pet of the week" ---
mr branch rounded the corner and froze when he saw his reflection in the glass --- too much going on outside for some of the guys --- heavy construction just a few hundred yards away on both sides 
a sweet hound dog puppy eye, cuz the puppy was too wiggly to photograph properly

but i'm worn out after walking six dogs, plus i walked over there and back --- mr fitbit is happy (but never satisfied)

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Rathayatra said...

what a mix for gulliver !