09 December 2018

bow wow wow

this is hickory, about six months old, been at the pound for a week, and just thoroughly freaked out about the whole thing --- he's got a nice raised bed like the rest of the dogs, but just cowers on top of a drainage grate in a little alcove at the back of his unit --- i walked him a little bit yesterday, but he was awfully skittish --- couldn't quit thinking about him laying on that grate, so i took some towels over today for a nest and gave him a short walk until he freaked at a clanging trash can --- got him back inside and i sat down on the floor with him and scratched behind his ears for a while, for which i think he was most appreciative --- i don't think he'll stay there long

update, 12/17 --- hickory got adopted over the weekend

1 comment:

Rathayatra said...

sweet boy. may gentle people get that hound.