16 August 2014


when i was a kid, i spent a bunch of time at my grandma's and was always fascinated by this little item --- what's left of a jar of moonshine (c. 1920) which she kept, for medicinal purposes, in a trunk in her bedroom --- kinda cloudy and a lot of particulate floating around all up in it and the odor defines "sickly sweet" --- i shan't be drinking it and don't really know why i wanted it --- my cousin got the bottle of blackberry wine, which was not home-made --- my grandmother was, for all practical purposes, a tee-totaling baptist but followed doctor's orders way back whenever it was he prescribed a medicinal toddy --- the only thing besides tea and coffee i ever saw her drink (she didn't like plain water!) was at bedtime: a glass of warm milk with a raw egg beaten in it


Anonymous said...

looks good. you tried any ?

tomitron said...

looks nasty --- wouldn't try it if you paid me