19 February 2021


second shot of pfizer vaccine is in my arm — i told the big guy from the sandy springs fire dept that gave it to me not to break the needle off in my arm and he told me about taking a shot one time that went to the bone — eek

it'll take a couple of weeks to fully kick in, but even after the first dose, i was already enjoying a sharp reduction in existential dread — nearly a half million dead in this country, and the toll is still growing, with many of those deaths the direct result of the incompetence and rigid ideology of the previous administration — ever since reagan and his stupid "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem" nonsense, a good portion of the country has bought into the republicans' decades-long demonization of government — this pandemic and the big old mess in frozen-up texas right now is proving again why we have to work together, and why gummint, whatever its faults, is the most efficient way to do that


martello said...

I fear I have to forward your post to my GOP relatives. Not that they'll believe the facts, but I live in the fantasy world that someday they'll wake up to reality.

tomitron said...

i live in that world too