04 January 2021

photographing the gene pool

i have been sorting thru a bunch of photographs inherited from an old-maid great aunt --- in addition to the dead-baby pic, there is this little tintype of my g-grandpa ipson lee (1862-1930)
along with this fairly skeery one of four guys who are probably his half brothers

my g-grandparents ipson and tommie lee, taken easter 1920 --- they're standing at the end of the front porch of their house, which i remember seeing in its decrepit final years fifty years ago --- in the far background at left is the only image i've found of the house that his father, john lee, built in the 1840s --- part of the chimney may or may not remain in the twentieth century house that now stands on the site --- all on washington road in what is now southwestern side of east point

there are many others, including this one of my ma and her sister with bob the dog, ca 1925

i'll get the most of them posted to the gene pool soon

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